And the Pussification of America Continues: Hanover High Forfeits Homecoming Football Game Because Of “Offensive Skits” At A Team Roast of the Seniors



HANOVER, N.H.The Hanover High School football team will forfeit its homecoming game Friday night after most of the players on the team were suspended for what was described as “egregiously inappropriate” conduct. School officials said that during a team gathering in August, the boys orchestrated and performed offensive skits during a kind of roast of senior players. “It was egregiously inappropriate behavior, and I’ll leave it at that,” said Superintendent Frank Bass. “It’s not something we like to see our students involved in. It’s conduct unbecoming.” “Ninth-grade players were asked to perform in skits, directed by upperclassmen, intended to roast senior players,” the letter said. “The themes of the skits were, in many cases, egregiously inappropriate, and most were of a sexual nature that objectified women.” Administrators, the athletic department and coaches first heard about the skits last week. Officials said football players were the only ones present, they were not using alcohol or drugs, and there was no violence. Bass also said that school officials don’t consider it hazing. But as required by law, the school reported its findings to police, who are investigating the skits as a possible hazing incident.

Let me make sure I’m understanding this correctly. This was a senior roast in which the Freshman were given skits to roast the upperclassmen with. No drugs. No alcohol. The school is even saying nobody got hazed. Umm so what the fuck are we even talking about here? The school administrators didn’t like the jokes? That’s pretty much it right? The same reason colleges try to ban our website. School administrators decide what is funny or acceptable and nobody else. Doesn’t matter if you’re doing it on your own time or what. You’re not allowed to act like normal dudes anymore. Big brother is always watching. You can’t say chicks are hot. You can’t swear. You can’t bust balls.  Guys can’t be guys.  Nope. Apparently living and having a pulse is now banned at Hanover High School.  Robots only.  Everybody needs to be as bland and as cookie cutter as possible.   What a joke.

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