And the Pussfication of America Continues: Newton South Principal Cancels PowderPuff Because The Name PowderPuff Is Sexist, Girls Are Afraid To Say They Don’t Want to Play And It Doesn’t Include The Entire School Amongst Other Ridiculous Reasons.



Reader Email

Newton South High School recently canceled our annual Powderpuff game cause our Principal can’t handle the one day out of the year that South even has a little bit of school spirit. He sent out the following email to all the students and parents:





I honestly don’t even know where to start with this.  I mean just when you think school administrators can’t sink any lower they do.   Like those last 3 points this douchebag gave?   Chicks are afraid to say they don’t want to play?  The game doesn’t include Freshman and Sophomores?   The word powderpuff is sexist?  What planet am I on? How is this asshole in charge of teaching kids? Oh right he’s a school administrator.  He doesn’t have to use common sense or logic because he doesn’t have to defend his decision to anybody.  I mean you could literally cancel every single event in the history of the world using this moron’s logic.  Basically if you think anybody anywhere is participating in an activity because of peer pressure or because their friends are doing it then you got to cancel it.  That’s essentially what this guy is saying.  It’s crazytown.  Way to prepare kids for college dude. Because god knows there is no peer pressure there.   Nope.

Oh and if you hate the name Powderpuff so much how about you just change it to Flag Football?  Or is that type of radical thinking too far out of the box for this moron?   Unbelievable.   If anybody is being sexist here it’s this guy for not cancelling football instead.  That’s way more dangerous and I guarantee you way more people play because of peer pressure.   But let’s not forget somebody broke a bone a couple years ago playing Powderpuff.

PS – The biggest travesty of this whole thing is that Powderpuff shouldn’t be between Juniors and Seniors in the first place.  You should play your Thanksgiving Day rival.  That’s what we did at Swampscott.   Obviously I was a coach.  Naturally we scored the most points in the history of powderpuff.   I had a playbook like you read about. Hung 40 on them by half time. I literally had an answer for everything.  I think I could have beaten the Jets with that team.


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