Already Camping Out For Black Friday Is Just About The Saddest Thing Imaginable

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(Source)Identical triplet brothers in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio were the first to get in line for Black Friday sales when they set up a camp outside the local Best Buy Monday afternoon, a full ten days before Thanksgiving. Jonas Allooh and his two brothers have been camping out for Black Friday deals for the past four years, but were tired of always being second in line. This year, they made it a point to get out earlier to be the first. And the Allooh brothers aren’t the only ones. Already, another local has struck up a tent next to them and others across the country are setting up tents outside of other Best Buy locations in hopes of saving on Christmas presents. How much is uncertain, as Best Buy hasn’t even published its Black Friday flyer yet. Mr Allooh is able to take the time to wait in line since he’s unemployed. He recently graduated from Kent State University with a doctorate in audiology. While Mr Allooh is hoping to get a computer monitor for himself, and a present for his mom, saving money is just part of the reason he’s been camping out the last four years. He genuinely enjoys the experience and left his tent last year right before doors opened to do his shopping online at home. Shortly after putting up his tent, the man who’s usually in line pitched up next door. Tony Avitar has been camping out for Black Friday even longer than Mr Allooh. He started seven years ago, before people got the ‘bright idea’ to bring tents.’I wanted to stop three or four years ago, and my kids mae me do it because they like coming down,’ Mr Avitar told Fox 8. ‘We usually have Thanksgiving brought to the tent, so we’ll have a full spread in the tent, and it’s kind of my time with them.’



I’m a “set the bar low so you can always reach your expectations” kind of guy. Some people want incredible riches for their life. They want to make millions and millions of dollars so they can do whatever their heart desires, whenever they want to do it. My hopes and dreams are easier: I never want to be so poor that I give a shit about Black Friday. I never want to be so concerned with my bank account that I’ll camp outside of a Best Buy for 10 days so I can afford a fucking COMPUTER MONITOR. I don’t want my kids to have to eat Thanksgiving in a tent so getting them an X-Box game doesn’t send me into the red. Basically, I want to make enough money that my poverty doesn’t cause me to do things that are so outrageous a news crew thinks “Whoa shit, we gotta get this on camera.” That’s all. I mean setting up a tent 10 days before isn’t even really “I’m concerned about good deals,” it’s much more “I’m homeless and this is where I decided to sleep tonight.” So on a basic level, I guess my one goal in life is to never be homeless. If that’s setting the bar low then so be it.


PS – The fact that these idiots have been sleeping outside for days-on-end for years, and consider the time they realized a tent would be beneficial as their “bright idea,” shows just how incredibly stupid they are.

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