A New Barstool Thanksgiving Tradition Unlike Any Other: A Tribute to The ButtFumble



Every generation has their one shining moment.  That seminal event that changes the world as they knew it and everyone who witnesses it knows life will never be the same.  It’s the moment that defines us.  That untold generations yet unborn will remember us for.  The Greatest Generation had V-J Day.  The Baby Boomers had the Moon Landing.  For those of us in the here and now, there is but one occurrence in our lifetimes monumental and Earth-shaking enough that it made us who we are.  Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the Legendary Mark Sanchez ButtFumble.

Sure, last week every media outlet paid tribute to the actual one year anniversary of the play.  But as is usually the case, they missed the point.  The ButtFumble was a decidedly Thanksgiving event.  Probably the most significant Thanksgiving moment since Gov. William Bradford first had Massassoit over for dinner and got him talking about how nice the real estate west of Plymouth was.  A year ago tomorrow, just when your tryptophan buzz was wearing off and you were shaking off your post-Cowboys game nap with some pie and beer, you were treated to arguably the greatest play in any sport you’ve ever seen, or will ever see.  And like all such history-shaping events, the ButtFumble inspired artists in all sorts of different mediums, the world over.  So as a tribute and a new Thanksgiving tradition, I present to you the best of the best of the ButtFumble:

In Still Photos:


The GIF:

The Sports Science Breakdown:

The Silent Movie:

The Back Pages:




The Motivational Poster:

The Cartoon:

The Boxscore (Note that the Pats scored on a fumble on the subsequent kickoff):


The Photoshop:

 photo RexWithBullsAndButtFumbleAndRecovery.jpg

The Jersey:


The T-Shirt:

The Meme:

Butt Fumble

And of course, no tribute would be complete without…

The Benny Hill Music and Cartoon Sound Effects:

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  And Happy REAL Anniversary to Sanchize, Rex and Jets Nation from your pal @JerryThornton1!

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