A Bunch Of People Volunteered To Get Naked And Get Hit With A Stun Gun For Art


So I guess art is just anything you video tape now?  Oh I guess making it in slow motion makes it a lot more artsy.  This idea here sounds like something either a super drunk person would come up with or a toddler.  “Hey, let’s get people to volunteer to get hit with a stun gun, we’ll video tape it, put it to weird music and it’ll be in slow motion.  Oh, and they’ll be naked when they do it!”  Honestly, I think the main driving force behind any art nowadays is to get people naked.  You wanna see a bunch of people naked without it being illegal?  All you have to do is call yourself an artist and get people to volunteer to be in your weird art idea.  That way people willingly get to be involved in an art project, you get to see people naked and you don’t have cops knocking on your door.  Everybody wins.


This guy/gal enjoyed it a little too much.  And by that I mean a lot too much.


Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 3.18.03 PM

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