32 Bama Kids Arrested At Spring Break House Party In Panama Beach

WJHG – Dozens of spring breakers in south Walton County spent the night in jail Monday. Deputies caught them underage drinking, but they also allegedly destroyed the house where they were staying. Hands and feet shackled, these spring breakers were headed to the Walton County jail Monday night, busted for underage drinking. “This is a joke. Officer this is a joke. Did you not drink when you were a kid? Come on!” “There’s a reason they can’t drink alcohol under the age of 21, they don’t make sound decisions,” said Captain Michael Howell with the Walton County Sheriff’s Office.

I absolutely don’t get this. Since when do the cops break up house parties in PCB? Isn’t that why people go to Panama Beach in the first place? Like I’m sure whoever rented this house wasn’t expecting old people to move in and play gin rummy all night. It’s Panama City for Christ Sakes. I don’t care how loud it is. Anything goes for the month of March. Everybody knows that. So I’m just as shocked as that kid in the beginning. Just stunned that the cops were raiding his house. It’s like getting a noise violation in Vegas or something. Makes no sense.

PS –  I love this police officer’s logic about how this party proves that kids can’t drink under 21 because they aren’t responsible enough yet. Okay bro. But they can go to Iraq and fight a war right?  They are old enough to kill people just not old enough to drink beer. That makes sense.

Double PS – This kid/reporter/intern is such a toolbag.  Still mad he never got invited to Spring Break in college.

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