11 Year Old Kid Calls the Cops On His Dad Because He Found Drugs

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LAWRENCEPolice said an 11-year-old boy called police after he was rummaging through his father’s luggage and came across a large amount of what he believed to be illegal drugs Wednesday night. Detectives went to the boy’s home on Ferry Street where they said they confiscated 212 grams of heroin and fentanyl mixed in five separate sandwich bags in the luggage, said Police Chief James Fitzpatrick. The boy also told police he saw his father selling drugs to someone at their home earlier in the day when he got home from school, Fitzpatrick said. Police said an arrest warrant has been issued for the 40-year-old father, who will face major drug trafficking charges. Fitzpatrick said the man will also face a child endangerment charge. The boy and his 13-year-old cousin, who were both rummaging through the luggage, did not become ill, Fitzpatrick said. The man-made opioid painkiller fentanyl, which is 50 times stronger than morphine, can be toxic to those who are merely in the drug’s presence — even simply touching it.




I’m sure oodles of outlets are praising this kid as a hero but get out of my face with this nonsense. Calling the cops on your dad? On your DAD? That’s a thing now?


I’m not gonna pretend I had the most difficult life and lived in fear of upsetting pops, but calling the police on your father because he sold drugs is one of the most bullshit things I’ve ever heard in my entire life. I don’t care how many DARE people came into school and told you that drugs are bad or illegal, your dad is the president of the house and like Nixon said, once the president does it then that means it is not illegal.


Who cares what the volunteers said? Dad has final say. If you got suspended from school but your dad said you were right to stand up to that bully, you’d feel vindicated. If you fail a class but dad says math doesn’t matter anyway, you stand with dad. Well how about returning the favor and siding with the guy? It’s a little heroin and he’s not even doing it. He’s selling it to buy you some awesome toys. Shut your goddamned mouth and let the big guy put food on your table.

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