Shoe Xtep ringing Xi'an City Wall Marathon head gun

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Shoe Xtep ringing Xi'an City Wall Marathon head gun

Postby outlooko » Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:33 pm

October 4 yellow hair Chuitiao same meet. Military Elaine eyebrows celebrate. On the morning of September 29. Xi'an citizens gathered thousands Walking activities with more healthy, dynamic way to greet the arrival of the anniversary of the founding of New China 61; blew the 2010 Xi'an City Wall Marathon distinctive X-storm.

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the first shot. Day organized by the Sports Bureau of Xi'an, Xi'an City Wall International Marathon 2010 series of activities first competitions thousand of Fleet Bank Datang Furong Garden held with nearly 3,000 members of the public, sports enthusiasts, as well as walkers masses phalanx field athletics scene enjoyable. the hot atmosphere chase off the chilly early autumn at the ancient city of Xi'an. Sports Bureau of Xi'an as the organizers hope that through the Walk and other forms of fitness activities. Called on everyone to participate actively in sports and be able to reflect the positive Xi'an, vibrant mental outlook.

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