Advantage of sporting and cultural industries also embodies

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Advantage of sporting and cultural industries also embodies

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Advantage of sporting and cultural industries also embodies the sporting spirit deeply to their own unique and irreplaceable value shows the value in social spiritual

and material production. Sports and enhance culture as a culture, as an indispensable means for the design of the physical and spiritual harmony development, as a

"sunrise industry", as of the dominant culture of entrepreneurial spirit and sense of fair competition known advocates, the sports industry has to the 21st <br>
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most. To the personality and future of the industry

The reason that represented the Chinese sports culture industry and strong development, because this. Very favorable external conditions and the unique internal base

Above all, our society has to the era of knowledge economy, developed to increase the spiritual and cultural needs. The knowledge economy is based on knowledge of

the economic model of the industry is the most important trend in the world economy. At the same time, mainstream economic model in order to bring people tend over

digitized, accounts for the development of electronic information and communication media for the majority of people, and the fatigue brought this state for the

people, the state is an urgent need to . alleviate Digital relieve fatigue life to seek ways for people to open the market and the spirit of sports culture as a

diversified entertainment industry has also the best time of rapid development. The Sports Information Consulting, sports science and technology services, sports and

entertainment, leisure, sports rehabilitation, Goedkope UGG Classic Tall Laarzen health and so on can set up as special or separate industry to promote sports in order with the trend of the times, the

people urgent need to distinguish them from onerous digital life and needs good economic benefits.

Fact in recent years, the rapid development of the tertiary sector, especially the rapid development of information-intensive knowledge of the culture industry, and

even a kind of service industry, the industry, Uggs Classic Cardy Laarzen so as to distinguish other industries. From the viewpoint of the national character of the industry and services to

residents, such as knowledge and information-intensive industries are to improve the scope of the tertiary sector, but it and other tertiary industries, such as the

difference between the food and beverage industry is clearly . The former State
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