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…thousands of years later, they were invaded, enslaved and wiped out from their land. Not really by the forces they could see ? the Europeans ? whom they far outnumbered; but by the unseen forces ? the pathogens. And in ones, tens, hundreds … then millions; families, communities … and generations ? the Indians; they perished … helplessly.
The Europeans' invasion of the Red Indian's (Native American) nation, preferably referred to by historians as the New World, remains one the most important events in the history of the world. The phrase "New World" is by itself a term that masks the actual act of the European nation's incursion on the Indians land. There are various angles from which the invasion of the Indian native land by the Europeans (Britain, France, Portugal, Spain, Dutch, Russia,Monster Beats By Dr. Dre Solo Headphones, Swedish and Courland) can be viewed, however, our major consideration in this discourse would be to revisit and clarify two of those perspectives: (1) the consequences of first European contact on Native Americans and (2) to draw a conclusion on whether those consequences could be described as genocide.
It would be helpful that we get a brief view of the origin of the Native Americans; the Europeans nations that invaded America and why they (the Europeans) invaded America. This background will then lead us into getting a clear picture of the life of the Native Americans before and after European invasion. It is the event that transpires within that gap (before and after) that would lead us to understand and appreciate the consequences of European contact on Native Americans.?
BACKGROUND????? There is still much controversy over how the Native Americans migrated into the Americas. Classic studies on this issue, however, contain one consistency ? that America's first pioneers crossed into North America through the Bering Strait ? which now separates Siberia and Alaska. Before the coming of the Europeans, the Indians had their own civilization well established, yet going through the process of refinement,Beats By Dr. Dre Solo Headphones. So, as opposed to view of the Europeans that the invasion of the New World was necessary to bring civilization to the Indians, the Indians had already formed their own well established culture, the coming of the Europeans was an intrusion; one with catastrophic consequences.
What then prompted Europeans, in their legion,Beats By Dre Headphones Studio, to invade the New World? The answer is not out of reach. The European invasion and final conquest of America was not unrelated to the economical cum political turmoil ongoing in Europe at the time. Succinctly put, the quest to find a sea route to Asia and the East Indies as a means to "eliminate Islamic middlemen and win control of the lucrative trade for Christian Western Europe" (Eric Foner, 20) had been the motive for the incursion of European nations to America. And so with Columbus's Spain sponsored voyage of 1492 and his landing on the Bahamas on October 12,Black Beats By Dre Solo, 1942, the first contact between Europeans had been established. Following Columbus's lead,Beats By Dre Pro Review, other European nations, having famous explorers as their forerunners came to the Americas armed with superior firearms. Their intent as earlier mentioned was to further expand their empires and to control trades routes to Asia.
It should be noted however, that unknown to Columbus and the other Europeans that came after him, they had come with an army more fiercer than they could ever muster against the Native Americans; they came with pathogens ? the very ?crude assailants that would wreak massive havoc on the Indian population. This pathogen delivery, explained Robert Constanza "would ultimately devastate the huge human population of the Americas and leave subsequent European explorers and settler's with the mistaken impression that the entire hemisphere was a lightly populated wilderness" (1),How Much Does Beats By Dre Cost.
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