The Zijia hot Jackets, hiking shoes selling

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The Zijia hot Jackets, hiking shoes selling

Postby Nikebook » Sat Nov 24, 2012 3:31 am

The Zijia hot Jackets, hiking shoes selling

North Face Sale .Interview with reporters yesterday found.While traveling by car to become hot.Sales of outdoor products, rapid warming. Yesterday morning.Reporters see outdoor brands in the sixth floor of a shopping mall in Dongshan Avenue store.Several people are invariably buy Jackets. 'Holiday ready to climb Mount Tai and friends by car.Now to buy equipment for the trip. North Face Outlet. 'Public Mr. Zhu said.Because it is the first travel by car.Plus travel mainly climbing.Outdoor equipment is essential. Outdoor goods store in the CBD, a brand.Reckoning, sales staff, told reporters.Approaching holidays.Store daily sales increased by nearly 30% than before.A lot of consumers to buy the equipment is ready October travel. Selling most Jackets, outdoor hiking shoes and hiking shoes. 'Reckoning said.May be more people choose to travel by car this year. North Face Jacket.They obviously feel that consumers come to buy outdoor equipment this year, a marked increase over previous years a lot.In previous years, almost nobody cares headlights, walking sticks and other equipment.This year not only someone to consult.The sales are also good.
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