Callaway FT9 Driver Sats High Of My List

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Callaway FT9 Driver Sats High Of My List

Postby tongjame » Wed Nov 21, 2012 7:42 am

After having the big meals of Callaway's irons, let's move to its ft driver.

The Callaway FT-9 is a healthy mix of traditional and modern design principles, ultimately producing confidence and performance that is tough to match. At first sight the relation to the FT-3 and FT-5 is apparent with the callaway ft 9.

While Callaway has pushed the limits of the ft 9 driver for sale, the club head maintains a traditional design while incorporating performance enhancing features such as Hyperbolic Face, OptiFit Internal system, and a unique External Web weighting systems which accurately changes the center of gravity to produce a desired trajectory.

The opportunity to test the ft9 driver sat high of my list as I had previously enjoyed the FT-5 driver. A few minutes on the range and I knew I had a serious driver in my hands. The club head sets up well at address and has a slightly longer and deeper club head than Callaway's previous FT models.

With market competition at the highest it has ever been companies continue to push the limits of design with the goal of producing the best overall product. The ft 9 driver combines traditional design with the latest technology producing a driver with a hot feel without sacrificing workability and forgiveness.

Aesthetically I was not overly impressed with the graphics of the callaway ft9 as I found the sole graphics to be touch too flashy for my eye but the overall performance of the driver overshadows a relatively unimportant aspect.

What about you?
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