Ministry of Health Support mainland pregnant wome

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Ministry of Health Support mainland pregnant wome

Postby mkkt3s5c3c » Fri Nov 16, 2012 7:34 pm

Wang Guoqiang said, I have noticed, Leung Chun-ying has been on the mainland pregnant women to birth in Hong Kong has taken measures has been greatly decreased, I am very optimistic about the future effects. The key is that these measures should be positive publicity, to let everyone know that Hong Kong has to die, so they give this idea; On the other hand, this policy should be a consistent insistence, do not burst adhere, followed by Panasonic to. After the discovery of a severe blow. (Source: China Broadcasting Network)

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Hong Kong children: a trend in recent years,Barbour UK Sale. Mainland residents of babies born in Hong Kong, Hong Kong permanent resident status the legislation prohibits pregnant women from the Mainland to Hong Kong in Hong Kong, has attracted a lot of pregnant mainland women trying to give birth in Hong Kong. These parents are mainland residents,UGG Boots, while babies born in Hong Kong, known as
'biliterate and trilingual' (in English; English, Cantonese and Mandarin) baby has double the starting line,UGG Boots Ireland,Instyler NZ, to win at the starting line. With the increase in the number of Hong Kong children,Cheap UGG Boots, these service organizations
the Government attitude :2006-2012 introduced a . NEPs Obstetric Package Charge increased to HK $ 39,Dr Dre Headphones,000 (by appointment admission) and HK $ 48,000 (without reservation admission) and further legitimize mainland mothers in Hong Kong identity of a baby.
<span style=restraining order, When the public hospital service volume reached its ceiling, the HA will stop bookings for non-local pregnant women.
<span Style=providing a total of 34,400 places to non-local pregnant women giving birth in Hong Kong. Public hospitals will allocate a quota of 3400, once saturated, the HA will stop bookings for non-local pregnant women. 10 of the private hospitals providing obstetric services there will be 31,000, a decrease of 7% this year.
<span style=Yue announced on the 25th, the public hospitals next year suspension of the
Dr Chow said private hospitals had agreed to in the 24th, next year stop receiving The SAR Government has also indicated earlier, all public hospitals next year will not receive non-local pregnant women,Instyler, the Health Department will not issue a certificate of appointment for next year,Cheap UGG Boots.
elect the Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying said that private hospitals suspension of the decision of the
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