the players

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the players

Postby readstar23 » Tue Nov 13, 2012 9:15 am

Yahoo Sports News annual African Cup of Nations will soon be held in January, Gervinho and Chamakh have to return home to campaign, recently declared that people would not buy the professor began to worry about the injury at the same time struck last night, Wenger clear said, if the opportunity arises, then, in the winter, he would buy.
 Wenger said: , the economic situation of the transfer market has changed, a lot of teams have financial pressure and therefore more difficult to buy, maybe we will have some opportunities because of our good financial situation. Professor still file a quiz show to talk about the importance of proper diet, start from landing the Premiership in 1996, Wenger could spare no effort to change the Arsenal players all about football all have experienced resistance,Cheap Nike Air Max, but now the results are significant ,Nike shoes Canada, Wenger said this change be more favorable to players after retirement: Well, when I was a player when I tried. training, rather than part of the visual is something other than training, the behavior of the players in training over-the-counter would allow him to become a superstar, I do coach a long time, I experience deep, when I met a retired five years or 10 player of the year, most of them will tell me that they could do better, you always want to give them a chance to release all the energy. Wenger also said he most respected players to those talented general but by trying to become a superstar: learning, in the 20-year-old,Cheap Nike Shoes, you want to maintain a stable performance, you want to maintain the focus is not so easy these players, they have to sacrifice a part of life in the 20-30 years old, I usually say to people, look, George - George W. Bush on the President of the United States, at the age of 40, he told people that he is a drug addict, the players, 40-year-old is no going back, but you can still do an ordinary job to do an ordinary person in the field of sports, you between 20-30 years old must understand what is most important, I do not want the players were recalled in the past that I did not tell them truth.
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I usually say to people

Wenger said
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