Color pretty tough style

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Color pretty tough style

Postby qwerasdf » Mon Oct 22, 2012 5:45 am

A month away from the real summer the Zhengzhou City department stores, Nike Free 3.0 V3 has occupied half of the shoe, the other hand, other commodities, and this year's daylight saving product was added to our catalog slightly earlier than in previous years.

Dennis people shop on the second floor of the women's shoes area, eyes are gorgeous feeling. The Section Chief core Yu spring and summer shoes mainly fruit color, mostly together with silk, artificial crystal jewelry and ethnic style, color more.

Belle and Staccato belong to Belle's, but the focus on style or slightly different, but overall, the Nike Free Shoes style are biased in favor of younger.

This year, most shoes brand launched bags and other products by consumers. 10 cm Nike NZ is not uncommon. Shopping guide introduced: "Amy should be comfortable, designers will now add 2 to 3 cm forefoot protection pad." Design compared gorgeous vamp, heel slightly low-key embellishment design in addition to the use of different materials, less heel also joined carved, wood grain design.

New Matejinbo store, rivets, cable winding, coupled with ultra-high with the other elements can be seen everywhere, summer sandals reproduction "Gladiator" fashion, shopping guide, this shoe is the season the main section, the price of 500 yuan to 700 yuan.

Comparatively speaking, the general price of many domestic brands in the mall sandals this year will rise to 100-150 yuan. Zhang introduced cores Yu, the price growth rate is stable. Price of imported shoes did not change significantly.

However, consumers did not weaken the spending power of New brand new Dennis people shop ASH stressed retro, customer price of 1500 yuan, shopping guide ZHAO Huanli introduction, sales have been good from the OTC since. The main leisure fashion RUCOLINE, shoes in more than 2,500 yuan, the sales have been increasing.
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