Beats is occurring that is to say

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Beats is occurring that is to say

Postby topm9d0z5 » Sat Oct 06, 2012 3:01 am

Li Yongbo the invincible Eastern promise and then deny in succession by Zhang Zhiwei who is Li Yongbo?I used to think that Li Yongbo is a true man, because for match-fixing, negative play,Hollister Deutschland, let the ball, he more than once in front of the media to show off their intelligence, said publicly admitted that the ball is he inspired beck and call.
Why I think that Li Yongbo is really a man?At least during the Olympic Games in London, in the face of negative match penalty,Beats, Li Yongbo whether is it right? Pressure from all sides, both apologize to somewhat, but he eventually apologized.
But in this case,Abercrombie And Fitch, to withstand the pressure and swept all the gold medals in badminton, it is not I understand Li Yongbo is a true man one.But, now, I was wrong.After watching the Jing Chai interview with Li Yongbo, I know I was wrong.
Li Yongbo clearly is Jin Yong "the legendary swordsman" novels in the invincible sun god invincible Eastern martial arts guru.During the Olympic Games in London, facing the media asked Li Yongbo from "the responsibility I must bear", and said: "when the game is over I will choose the process analysis to listen to everybody.
"To a month later any media asked, he in order to "stop living in the past".Then to Jing Chai interview Li Yongbo said: it's never mind is not with him, he inspired, not his arrangement of the scene, is occurring that is to say, is a member Yu Yang / Wang Xiaoli's own, or that is a member of voluntary match-fixing.
Li Yongbo is regarded as the founder of effeminate man or manly woman invincible Eastern religion, the London Olympic Games negative matches he used a "drag" tactic, dissolve countless martial arts tricks.
Now facing the media once again asked for asylum, Li Yongbo simply brandished a knife from the house acquired "sunflower jewel" of martial arts masterpiece.Man has become a twat, say not.Since effeminate man or manly woman, Nai Yin and Yang upside down, how do I?In the entertainment industry, movie and television stars also like to play "-".
For example, Brigitte Lin, disguised as a man - the invincible Eastern to all left a deep impression, men love, women love.Also, by foreign media as "China's national artist" Li Yugang, he won the 2006 avenue of stars to play runner-up.
Of course, in addition to "even thousands, unify all corners of the country" the sun god, invincible Eastern, daily life singing - is the imperial court of the Qing Dynasty eunuch.Effeminate man or manly woman invincible Eastern and the difference is Li Yongbo invulnerability, the phrase "arena of gold is the only standard", all the disgusting things can smooth over a fault.
Li Yongbo under the banner of "gold manufacturing workshop" cover,Dr dre beats, even as the water margin of Sun Erniang sell meat business,, buy meat buns, those in sports administration, the pingpong feather center eyes too much.
When the invincible Eastern effeminate man or manly woman has a favourite, Yang Lianting, in order to save the invincible Eastern pet, so evil characters is love, not waste his martial arts skills step forward bravely.
It must be said, is in the invincible Eastern evil is.Nearly Wen,Abercrombie, London during the Olympic Games as the then South Korean badminton coach into the country not only during the Olympic Games in London held a news conference to apologize, but after returning home because South Korea women's doubles players "negative competition" turmoil announced his resignation.
Whether you on Korean is what impression, but into the country than Li Yongbo much to man."The legendary swordsman" moon god's slogan is "even thousands, unify all corners of the country", in order to gold can not all sports administration,Hollister Online Shop Deutschland, the wages of sin is death.
Face a moral person can take a plaything, a shelter evil people and countenance evil practices in addition to the gold what can do, I believe that this sentence there is justice in this world. "; is not reported, the time has not arrived, in time, all newspaper".
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