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Following China's failure against bose c15 headphones Western power, there were self strengthening movements that occurred in the period between 1861 and 1894. The main aim of these movements was to preserve Chinese traditional ideals while at the same time employing modern monster beats by dr. dre tour in-ear headphones western technology in the China's society. In general, the view of self-strengthening was to learn superior techniques of the barbarians in order to control them. The perceptions and attitudes of self-strengthening that studio beats by dre review were held by Chinese, combined with other factors eventually led to the downfall of the wholesale nfl jerseys usa self-strengthening movement. Among the factors that led to downfall of this movement were; government corruption, lack of enough money, inadequate skilled manpower, traditional Confucianism attitudes, lack of coordination, and limited scopes.
The Chinese attitudes toward reforms were the most harmful factor that led to the downfall make your jersey nhl of the self-strengthening movement. The traditional mindset of the Chinese people hindered their willingness to change (Leung 37). The aspect authentic nfl jerseys for sale of westernization was highly disliked by Chinese people as can be seen in the nhl 2011 all star jersey opposition that was there towards Chinese studying abroad. Chinese people in a decade after the year 1872 used to study in Connecticut but this idea was later opposed by people back at home who believed that studying abroad made their children too westernized especially when it comes to dressing.
Self-strengthening failed because there was no widespread support for industrialization from the Chinese society. The aspect of traditional attitudes made the Chinese society to oppose the aspect of industrialization hence the failure of self-strengthening. The only aspects of industrialization that were found in China were the arsenals and textile mills that manufactured uniforms in China. This indicates that Chinese did not offer support to the process of industrialization as it needed. The China's government at the time was totally against any opportunity for foreign investments and participation in building railways, introduce telegraphs, open modern mines,/home#comment-109, or even to send diplomatic representatives abroad. This implies that Chinese society did not want any make your own mlb jersey help from outside and did not like the idea of interacting with other nations whole sale nfl jerseys in the process of bringing about industrialization.? A good example here is the proposal that was aimed at achieving industrialization by Robert Hart but was rejected immediately by the Throne. The strong Chinese mindset hindered tour beats the incorporation of western technology in the Chinese society (Fairbank & Goldman 220).

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