English articles ( a )

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English articles ( a )

Postby hdr07059e » Wed Jul 11, 2012 10:26 pm

English articles ( a )

With the worldwide increase of population , more and more water on is needed . Meanwhile , the water on sources are ting polluted by human beings in the one way or another. Some nations are taking measures to solve this problem. They even communicate with each other hoping to find better ways to save and produce water to meet the needs of their people. On a personal level, to solve the problem with fresh water, both the government and individuals should make every effort. For example, for the government, it is urgent to make detailed laws that require businesses and individuals to stop polluting the environment and to save water while it is not necessarily used. Besides, education should be offered to all the citizens to raise their awareness of the importance of protecting environment and saving water. As individuals, we need to take action to play our own part in our everyday life.
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