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Who is the hottest Pornstar in your opinion?

Postby I_Mackenzie_Virginia » Mon Jun 25, 2012 1:20 pm

Yesterday, I have found one website that is selling LADY GAGA NUDE PICS. So of course I have bought a few of them and right now you can see them for absolutely free. You might ask why I did that, but the answer will be next... This is my job to entertain people and I get paid for it.

Take a look at JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT BOOBS because you won't see any other picture like that. She has so elastic and curvy butt that it makes me think she did a plastic surgery on it. But it turns out I am wrong. She has done a surgery only on her boobs and chin. I would give a million dollars for touching her butt for one minute... of course only if I had them.

Here is one special and very funny quote from Jenna. “The funny thing about being a porn star is that everyone automatically assumes that they can sleep with you. This is what I do for a living. I don't just let anyone get into my pants.” Actually I thought opposite. The concept was that she gets lay with almost everybody. It is like she comes on some fancy party without pants and some guy comes to her and says... Would you like to drink? She says yes, please. And then she asks him... would you like to have sex? Of course he won't refuse. But I guess not just me thinking that way. However thanks to that quote a lot of people will change their attitudes about her.

Good evening boys and girls and welcome to JESSICA GOMES NUDE review. Here we will discuss how sexy she looks and not just that. Some interesting data will also be available right here.

Would you like to speak about ROSIE PEREZ NUDE for example? Ok, allow me to do the talking. Although she has nice and pretty big breasts that also drive me crazy by the way, I think you should know two things. First is that they are fake ones... and second is that you just have to know their history.

Her first breast implants were installed on July 28 1994. It is been a while since that time so it was impossible to keep those babies with that old silicon. Therefore ten years later she got another pair of fake tits in 2004. By the way, in that year she has also made herself a chin implant. I have to admit that her chin looks much better after that plastic surgery however you should know that it is wrong and I am not supporting her. Anyway, you should checkout ELSA PATAKY DESNUDA pictures starting from 1994 so that you could compare the size of her tits. Oh yeah and don't forget to see some pics before that year when her boobs were natural.

That would be all for this review and I hope you liked it pretty much... well, at least the fun part about her tits.

Do you like watching ALYSON HANNIGAN NAKED? If yes, then this is what we do. I am about to make this review with such illustrations you like and all I demand from your side is to be patient and very active on the comments.

She is very funny person and I she has sense of humor in her blood. Despite the fact that her work demands some very dirty stuff I think deep inside she is very nice and kind. Many people can judge her for that work she does but let me tell you something. First of all, job is job and we all have different one. The fact that you couldn't be a porn star for even one million dollars doesn't mean the rest people couldn't. This profession is very artistic and demands lots of things like looking good and being healthy. Try to realize that when you come from work and watch KATE BECKINSALE SEX SCENE in some porn this means she worked for you pleasure. So don't be disrespectful to this job.

Not many people know she is from Italian descent and that her last name was Masolli. By the way she changed that last name to alcohol drink Jameson.

EVA GREEN PORN is the best part of her body and I am really fond of it. If there was a chance for me to touch her butt for ten grands then I would give that kind amount with no back thoughts.

This DEMI MOORE DESNUDA was prepared not for everyone. You see, the luckiest man is who reads this post right now. This means he or she could find that website and they have come to the right place. Those people that won't see these photos of Jenna got unlucky but you can correct that. All you have to do is to share those pics with them. However, I insist you not forgetting about the source where it was taken, which means this place. I am willing to start this review with some data and then continue with some other nice illustrations of her.

There is one fact that you might find interesting. Did you know that she and Hugh Hefner has got the same birthday. They were born on April 9, isn't that just adorable. I bet they have celebrated at least one birthday together. I wonder what present she gave to each other. Maybe Hugh wanted to get MEGAN FOX PLAYBOY on that day and she gave him a tooth brush. Conversely, maybe Jenna wanted a tooth brush but she got Hugh Hefner naked as a present... now that was hilarious my friends.

Let's talk about LINDA CARDELLINI NUDE. What do you think they are? Fakes or natural? Yep, fake it is, you are one hundred percent right. But that should not bother us because this is not of our business and what's done is done.

Here are some very unique and hot pictures of OLIVIA WILDE PORN that I have prepared only for you. Don't thank me now because this is not all. Moreover you are about to read my review where we can express our thoughts and share our experience with each other. To know better what you dealing with I have to warn you that there is no way back... just kidding, don't be afraid. I hope you are ready because I don't usually give much time. So here we go then.

When you stare at EMILY OSMENT NAKED there is question that comes to your mind. What are her measurements? This question comes because you see how perfect her body is and therefore the curiosity of what the perfect measurements are is taking advantage. Anyway, her sizes are as follows... 36c-25-33 and for those that want to know the same numbers but only in Europe currency here it is... 81-56-84. That is not her phone number or something just so you know.

According to these measurements I have to disagree with one thing. How it is possible for her thighs to be only 84cm? Have you seen LEA THOMPSON NUDE and how big it is? Nothing that I am being noisy or something but this looks like a fraud for us. And I also think her 36c size is bit bigger in deed. Maybe that's where I'm wrong but hey, who isn't?

Famous women are not just example for all females but sometimes they are a truly sex symbols for men. For example, let's take this photo of JENNIFER ANISTON NIPPLE and then talk about her. I think there are about one million fans of her and this is the approximate number. Maybe it is twice bigger than I said. The point is that this woman has got some many great things to share with us that it would be very sorry if we ignore them. So why don't you seat comfy and I will prepare this review as much interesting as I can.

While watching JENNIFER ANISTON DESNUDA I faced one pretty tough problem. I can be for sure that this woman should be at least 5'9 or something. But it turns out she is 5'6. I was crazy about it. How the hell this long legged woman with great body can only be that much? But then I realized there is nothing wrong with it. She just has some perfect proportions and thus visualizing Jenna without cloths makes me think she is taller which is not in reality.

KENDRA WILKINSON PLAYBOY reminds me something related with watermelons and other fruits like that. I don't know why, but that's what I think and there is nothing you can do about it.

Actually, this is it and all I have left to say is next... Enjoy your watching and see you soon.
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Re: (647)

Postby DesReugh » Mon Jun 25, 2012 2:03 pm

What eventually it is necessary to it?
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