two calligraphers beat by dre prix

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two calligraphers beat by dre prix

Postby 9m0tg35p2b » Wed May 30, 2012 5:09 am

two calligraphers
In the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong years,beat by dre prix, there are two calligrapher. A very serious imitation of the ancients, pay attention to every painting should be exactly like a certain, such as a cross-like Su Dongpo, a flick like Mi Fu. Naturally, once I got to this step, he will be quite pleased.
The other the opposite, not only hard training, but also requires each each painting is different from the ancients, pay attention to nature until I got to this step, my heart at ease.
One day, a calligrapher mockery of the second calligrapher, said: "I ask my dear friend, your words which sum the ancients?
Not angry, but smiling, asked the sentence: "I ask my dear friend, your word Which one of your own?"
The first listened to,beat by dre pas cher, suddenly tongue-tied.
Truths: people should never road the place to go the way through, not devoid of its own personality,beat by dre dre, to imitate others blindly, would only lose themselves, their own destiny can not grasp.
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