When they go out listening to music is a very good choice.

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When they go out listening to music is a very good choice.

Postby qiqi » Fri May 25, 2012 5:56 am

When they go out listening to music is a very good choice, it is neither delayed the usual time, also made when they go out more easily. Headset is one of the young people to go out the necessary equipment, most young people go out to the Federation put on a headset to listen, there are also many users that the pursuit of high sound quality standard, but as the young users, the appearance of the headphones is very important, Nanchang King source's star arrival of new, Dr Dre Beats fashion headset, the headset comfortable to wear, the appearance is very beautiful, like a friend can go and see.
This is a stylish portable music headsets, with special communication microphone, the SPIDERS phone is very appropriate. Beats By Dre Fashion headset has a black and white two colors to choose from, the overall appearance of the headset simple shell part with a layer of transparent plastic wrap, printed above the brand logo of bingo products and The left and right channels to identify the overall look is very simple and elegant. Headset in the first beam wrapped a lot of leather, earmuffs use of soft, breathable leather material, the pressure to wear, more comfortable, also played a very good noise performance.
Beats Studio Headphones Frequency Range 20-20000Hz, impedance of 32 ohm, sensitivity 104dB, easy to drive, with the phone to go out to listen very appropriate. Logo printed on the left and right channels in the shell of the headset, easy for users to distinguish between wear. Headset call microphone integrated in the wire, easy to make and receive calls to use, and above with a volume control key, to facilitate manipulation of the volume when listening to.
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