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he stated

Postby pumma691 » Mon May 14, 2012 11:04 pm

Ji-Wan and his "shoe Road"shoes, shoe - footwear industries
A meeting using the individuals, Ji-Wan normally unconsciously, men and women seem anxiously feet shoes, this person unique ample, correct? Even so, when his eyes towards you, it is the look of Han Xiao. When the topic of the wander footwear, he immediately eyes light up, feeling large, upbeat. Wang Ji Wan problem footwear because the footwear he's started out by. In his eyes, footwear materialization of culture would be the carrier of geography.So long as the world's brand Leather footwear He's familiar with. The same brand of shoes, as long as the merchandise of countries from diverse cultural backgrounds, who can inform a rather shut one particular.
Speaking of the wonders of which, he stated, are reflected inside the footwear in the "face" on and "soul", the origin of cultural backgrounds, have made a unique shoe charm youngsters. As HHL founder, Ji-Wan is the capital by 860 yuan started off the small business from the family workshop. Starting in 1984, generating shoes, he simply just didn't consider, 20 years later on, their cottage industry will produce into a national shoe "top ten" among the list of main enterprises in their "Hantec" emblem as "China Well known Brand", their "Hantec" brand footwear will become a "Chinese famed brand." He also did not anticipate that their merchandise not just sell nicely in domestic industry, but Sichengyishang also offered towards the Usa, European Union, Russia And Japan, far more than 20 nations and areas.
Still he dared not believe that the significant mall in Japan, "Hantec" footwear will probably be offered actually equivalent to Renminbi 5,000 yuan a pair of higher prices. If it's not creating shoes, Ji-million rural Jimo, probably just an ordinary farmer will not be like this, to chairman Hantec identity, and the world's top-level corporate decision-making individuals sit with each other, talk about Cooperation And look for win-win circumstance. If not creating shoes, he wouldn't to a big shareholder, to attend the French Worldwide Advancement Restricted Brands board of directors, to focus on the best way to integrate resources and build the market.
In fact, he wanted to own a profession path to trod, now his wife cheer his heart with bottom, then in 1984, when he left and began a family members a tough company. Start out creating shoes, Ji-case members of the family within the technical excellence, since they know there is no good quality assurance, jobs will probably be smashed. Hence, the footwear had been generated in Jimo a market vendors fancy. Vendors must get shoes on the market place and selling it under the items, so hurry door bargaining, the final about twenty yuan a pair, how a lot of they produced. Wang Ji event afterwards, a pair of 20 yuan, half the profits, on an agreed down. At first, they are able to only develop a few pairs of footwear a day, and later continued recruitment, expansion, output to achieve dozens of pairs of numerous pairs, but its items are nevertheless in brief supply.
To get back the trademarks of Sichuan! Contacts with producers in Sichuan Province, he was informed that this enterprise brink of bankruptcy. But when he created the give to "Hantec" mark once the other includes a higher asking value, so about 30 million occasions, it refuses to let go. At that time, Ji-million shoe only a hundred million really worth of annual profit, but he didn't hesitate to investors bought back the trademark. Ji-million inside the brand's emphasis around the case, can't support but gasp in admiration of his strategic vision. Powerful brand awareness normally led him to produce selections beforehand.
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