electricity. Category 5

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electricity. Category 5

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Layout; plant conservation; landscape design; optical line; health equipment rental. 45 classes, service projects, including: guard; security consulting; domestic services; Costume Rental; funeral; dating service; organizing religious gatherings; intellectual property counseling; rights management; intellectual property. (Zhang Huihui Liu shuang)

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mine; industrial or agricultural use coal ash; anti-microbial agent; chemical reagents (non-medical or veterinary use); fertilizers; food preservative chemicals. Category 2, the use of goods including: dye; pigments; food coloring; printing ink; paint; white (dye or paint); preservatives; rust preparations (storage use); natural resins; paint. Category 3, with products including: facial cleanser; cleaning preparations; detergent; shoe polish; abrasive material; vanilla oil; cosmetics; non-medical gargle; fragrant bag (a mixture of dried petals and spices); animals Cosmetics. Category 4, with products including: industrial grease; oil; tung oil; fuel; coal; industrial wax; candles; night lighting objects; dust formulations; electricity. Category 5, the use of goods, including: human medicine; medical herbs; Chinese medicine; patch; medical nutrition; purifying agent; veterinary medicine; pesticides; sanitary napkins; medical care bags. Type 6, the use of goods including: raw or semi-processed ordinary metals; metal pipes; aluminum plate; bronze memorial tombstone; common metal; furniture with metal accessories; hardware devices; metal medals; common metal works of art; metal ores. Class 7, the use of goods, including: agricultural machinery; paper machine; tea machinery; electric machine-made products; tobacco processing machines; native groceries processing machinery; pharmaceutical processing industry machinery; electronic industrial equipment; bearings (machine parts) ; machine belt. Class 8, the use of products including: Abrasives (hand tools); agricultural equipment (manual); gardening tools (manual); razor; cutting tools (hand tools); fire appliances; carving tools (hand tools); knife; carry weapons; cutlery (knives, forks and spoons). Class 9, the use of goods, including: electronic calendar; vending machines; neon billboards; optical communication equipment; supply materials (wire, cable); teaching instrument; individuals with anti-accident devices; alarm; battery; animation slice. Class 10, use of goods including: body massage equipment; electrical dental equipment; physical therapy equipment; medical ice packs; bottles; condoms; surgical implants (artificial materials); orthopedic use items; suture materials; oxygen bag. 11 classes, use of goods including: stage lighting; barbecue utensils; refrigeration equipment and machinery; drying equipment and devices; gas generator (device); radiator; bathroom fixtures; drinking fountains; blanket; lighter. Class 12, use of goods including: luggage cart; small motor vehicle; land, air, water or railway carriage with a mobile device; bicycle; cable car; trolley; vehicle tires; balloon; ship; public carriage. 13 classes, use of goods, including: hunting device; kindling; issuing the order paper; fireworks; pyrotechnic products; for explosives with flour; firecrackers; firecrackers; fireworks; personal protective sprays. Category 14, the use of goods including: semi-processed or unprocessed precious metals; jewelry box; agate; silver jewelry; ornaments (jewelry); small ornaments (jewelry); Medal; copper souvenirs; horn, bone, teeth, rings, jewelry and works of art; electronic calendar years. Category 15, the use of goods including: spring (tube) instrument; castanets; bamboo flute; stringed instruments; instruments; Sheng (wind instruments); pipa (Chinese guitar); Zheng; flute; Dimo. 16 classes, use of goods including: album; notebook or drawing of the; postcards; printed matter; books; printed publications; newspapers; journals; newsletter; stamps. 17 classes, use of goods including: synthetic rubber; non-stationary, non-medical, non-home self-adhesive tape; synthetic resins (semi-); drain hose; insulation materials; insulating refractories; insulation coating; packing rubber bags (envelopes, pouch); seal cable (cigarette); windows with anti-glare film (membrane staining). 18 classes, use of goods, including: (animal) skin; purse; bag; sports bags; decorated with leather furniture; soft fur (leather products); umbrella; walking sticks; harness; sausage casings. 19 categories, including the use of commodity: wood; marble; cement; brick, tile; brick building with non-metallic; non-metallic materials; movable non-metallic building; non-metallic monuments; coatings (building materials); stone, concrete or marble works of art. 20 class, the use of goods, including: furniture; non-metallic plate; wood or plastic ladder; frame; bamboo crafts; wood, wax, plaster or plastic works of art; wooden or plastic signs; straw; furniture, non-metallic accessories ; indoor blinds (shading) (furniture). 21 class, the use of goods, including: Complete cups, bowls, plates; color decorated glass; daily-use porcelain (including pots, bowls, plates, pots, cutlery, cylinder, altar, cans); Crystal; drinking vessels; travel water bottle ; comb; toiletries; cage; cleaning equipment (manual). 22 class, the use of goods including: rope; cable; vehicle covers (not installed); sail; bottle straw packaging; packaging textile bags (envelopes, pouches); bags; filler; wool; textile fibers. 23 class, the use of goods including: yarn; textile lines and yarn; rayon; silk; line; artificial lines and yarn; wool; fake fur line; wool; wool and woolen yarn. 24 class, the use of goods including: decorative fabric; fabric; woven; felt; silk crafts; textile wall; textile handkerchiefs; embroidered pillowcases; tablecloths (not paper); banner. Class 25, use of goods including: clothing; baby full clothing; raincoat; costume; shoes; cap; socks; gloves (clothing); shawl; clothing with (clothes). 26 class, the use of goods including: embroidery jewelry; ribbon; flower color decoration (embroidery products); hair ornaments; clothing buckle; wig; needles; artificial flowers; rope arranges the handicraft; competitors number. 27 class, the use of goods including: carpets; seats; artificial turf; mats; wallpaper; system of non-textile wall hangings; non-textile wall; non-slip mats; plastic or rubber to the plate; floor coverings. 28 class, the use of goods, including: game; kite; toys; chess game apparatus; sports balls; exercise equipment; Christmas tree ornaments (except lighting and confectionery); sports equipment; sports gloves (movement device); fishing tackle . 29 class, the use of goods, including: meat; fish food system; canned fruit; pickled vegetables; eggs; milk products; edible oil; refined nuts; dried mushroom; tofu products. 30 class, the use of goods including: cakes; tea; candy; honey; leafless cake; cereal products; flour products; grain-based snacks snacks; soybean meal; spices. 31 categories, including the use of commodity: raw wood; Valley (cereals); plants; live animals; fresh fruit; fresh vegetables; seeds; feed; brewing malt; habitat supplies. 32 class, the use of goods including: beer; water (beverages); mineral water; non-alcoholic beverages; distilled water (beverages); pure water (beverages); soy beverage; plant beverages; soft drinks; beverage formulations. 33 classes, use of goods including: aperitif; liquor; cooking extract (liqueurs and spirits); wine (drink); alcoholic liquid; alcoholic beverages (except beer); honey wine; sake; wine; wine. 34 classes, use of goods including: tobacco; cigar; pipe; cigarettes; non-precious metal ashtray; matches; non-precious metal matchbox; smoking with a lighter; cigarette Used cylinders; cigarette filters. Class 35, use of goods, including: advertising; advertising agency; advertising space for rent; business information agency; business management assistance; business research; organization of commercial trade fairs; organization of business or advertising exhibitions; hotel management; actor's business management . 35 class services include: advertising in this publication; television advertising; commercial window display; data communications network of online advertising; for the purpose of retail display of goods on communication media; in rental advertising time on communication media; franchise business management; for others to sell; systematic computer database information; find sponsors. 36 class services include: insurance; public funds; precious souvenir issue; art valuation; real estate management; brokerage; guarantees; to raise charitable funds; trust; pawn. 37 classes, service projects include: construction supervision; commercial construction; mining; indoor decoration; machinery installation, maintenance and repair; electrical equipment installation and repair; computer hardware installation, maintenance and repair; vehicle maintenance and repair (repair) ; art restoration; jewelry repair. 38 classes, service projects, including: television; News Agency; information transfer; telegraph communication; computer-aided information and image transmission; fiber-optic communications; satellite transmission; global computer network to provide telecommunications connectivity services; teleconferencing services; provide Internet chat room. 39 class services include: transportation; vehicle leasing; air transport; yacht transport; storage; energy distribution; courier (letters or goods); tourism; travel arrangements; travel agencies (not including pre-hotel). 40 classes, service projects include: metal processing; textiles precision machining; wood production; firing pottery; tea processing; garment making; photo-processing; air purification; energy production; medicine processing. 41 class services include: education; organizing competitions (education or entertainment); arrange and organize the General Assembly; WIPO Performances (performances); book publishing; programming; television entertainment programs; news correspondent services; recreational activities; performance. 42 classes, service projects, including: rights management; legal services; legal research; intellectual property licensing; environmental consulting; weather forecasting; computer software design; the physical data and documents into electronic media; host computer station (site) section 43 classes, service projects, including: hotels; restaurants; tourist rental; nursing homes; day nursery (the kids); animal foster care; rent chairs, tables, tablecloths and glassware; accommodation (hotels, boarding house for the meal); bar; teahouse.
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