stimulating economic development isabelle marant

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stimulating economic development isabelle marant

Postby x8lpc56c52 » Sun May 13, 2012 11:55 pm

Preferential policies to stimulate the auto market preferential policies for some said, should adhere to when enough is enough
continued to hit the domestic automobile market, such as halved the vehicle purchase tax preferential policies on whether to continue,isabel marant boots, many people hold a different view. ,isabel marant bottes, this allows a more prosperous auto market, some say, to stimulate car consumption, the effect has been reached, when enough is enough and will not affect the development of the automobile market. relatively
,isabel marant boots, I agree with the latter.
proposed cancellation or reduce the preferential measures,isabelle marant, an important reason is for the domestic auto market boom resulting from the worries of some of the serious consequences,isabel marant 2012, although the automobile market turn for the better good for the domestic economy, favorable to the production enterprises, but this unprecedented prosperity,isabel marant, suspicious, or even unhealthy . if countries look at the numbers alone, we should be grateful for the timely introduction of incentives aimed at stimulating consumption, compared with foreign countries, showing that our decision-making is wise,isabel marant 2012, but hidden under the appearance of the automobile market in the excessive growth of a little uneasy, such as manufacturers over the pursuit of sales and not to attach importance to the development of new technologies, such as overdraft car of the future consumption, such as caused by the proliferation of social disharmony and instability, etc., this high growth is apparently accompanied by the cost of foreign auto market in
downturn, international auto giants realized, we must change the status quo, especially to change the past, future-oriented way to find a new mode of production and marketing, research and development of new requirements of the times automotive products. Undoubtedly, this is an improvement, but for China, the status quo, over utilitarian car makers lost the momentum of scientific development can be said that compared with foreigners, we are still backward, and now moisture days accounted for the advantage of the location, once the loss of this advantage,isabel marant chaussures, China's auto companies will once again fall into the abyss is difficult to turn around.
or those preferential policies, such as halved the vehicle purchase tax, it was merely a primer to trigger the consumption contribution is great, but with the growing automobile consumption, the purchase tax has played little role, it no longer has a pulling effect, because we see not only 1.6L displacement models hot sales, other large displacement of the rapid growth, such as SUV, a feasible default,isabel marant bottes, abolition of purchase tax preferential policies for next year, the automobile market will continue to escape because it is mainly due to the improvement of the domestic economic situation,isabel marant boots, but not all the credit of the local individual policies.
cancel the purchase tax, many people may be unhappy,isabel marant chaussures, because a lot of people do not buy a car, to retain this policy can be enjoyed in the future. In fact, you are wrong. halved the purchase tax The policy in fact did not bring much benefits to the consumer, because the hot auto market for the domestic automobile market bullish, the car itself offers smaller, or even no concession at all, unlike the past few years is easily tens of thousands of discount District of $ 5,000 purchase tax concessions is difficult to compensate for the preferential past. buy sell fine. cheap purchase tax incentives to car manufacturers, not consumers. consumers actually eat at a disadvantage more appalling is that,isabel marant bottes, now you want to buy the best-selling models,isabel marant chaussures, but also to wait indefinitely. Of course, this is understandable, because the state has adopted policies in order to stimulate consumption and to save the business, stimulating economic development, the basic approach is to allow consumers to dig money for business,isabel marant baskets, industry development, rather than to the citizens that.
the U.S. used car voucher scheme has been criticized because a lot of problems in practice, of course we seem to not have to worry about this , but this stimulation is also very unfavorable factors associated increased dramatically, even worse view of the domestic economic situation improves,isabel marant chaussures, now canceled concessions for car consumption is feasible. After all, the excessive growth is not a good thing, we have to face the future,isabel marant 2012, rather than overdraft tomorrow.
is currently implementing a series of incentives to stimulate car consumption, I believe that, you should first cancel the vehicle purchase tax concessions, such as ;, some fluctuations,isabel marant chaussures, but the overall growth trend will not change.
recently was that the relevant state ministries will continue to implement preferential policies, which is like the poison as the understanding of medicine, but not to find the fundamental responses I conceived, not as a thorough reform of the vehicle purchase tax,isabel marant 2012, this offer is to become a permanent policy, rather than just put it as a special preferential treatment for individual models, it is a good automobile market continued development, rather than to take the discount policy a lift and abnormal excessive growth of this contradiction with the foregoing the author withdrew the offer, but in a stable market order,isabelle marant, to ensure the healthy growth pattern is consistent (Author: driver)
, authorized state : This article has been authorized to give Sohu exclusive published without permission,isabel marant, shall not be reproduced.
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