Nike shoes, the temperature scale

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Nike shoes, the temperature scale

Postby Nikebook » Tue May 08, 2012 5:38 am

Nike shoes, the temperature scale

Basically divided into in accordance with the season points. Summer Nike shoes. Three quarters of nike free run 2 shoes and alpine Nike shoes, commonly referred to as the summer, Nike shoes, basic temperature scale in more than 15 degrees. Weather turn a little cold will not be able to use three quarters of Nike shoes, temperature scale in the 15 to -10 degrees just is not winter can be used for most of the low altitude camping the alpine Nike shoes, all down Nike shoes. temperature scale below -10 degrees. for the snow-capped mountains to climb.

-5 Degrees to transition to the dark green. Said the significance of this temperature is 1.5 degrees 1.0 degrees warmer appropriate to feel very cold -5 degrees. Nike shoes, comfortable and low temperature is 0 degrees is comfortable The low temperature is only a relative concept. the Nike shoe industry associations there is no industry standard. no domestic and abroad.

Some big brands and research institutions based on laboratory testing and field experience. Comfortable low-temperature calibration on their own products. This temperature is only a reference value. He would vary from person to person. Environment.

From several factors to examine the shoes. The type of texture and weight of the filler material inside and outside texture of the functional design of packaging and auxiliary accessories.
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