Even if the couple also the privacy of each other

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Even if the couple also the privacy of each other

Postby c0ikw3dsw2 » Mon May 07, 2012 1:37 am

that they are no longer likely to return to the original love relationship. Subsequently, a man disguised as a drunken like to say the phrase: say this, but also feel quite mean the man to take over. It represents the determination of this man, lower profile, put aside his dignity, release shelf, to abandon the existing tradition, but whether touched by a woman, whether to accept, it may not conceivable. this age, a lot of things, a lot of emotion have been done me, but kind of a burning desire: to want to end the single life began two of the world maybe, someday will want to film it, to seize a woman's hand and said: I like you, we began the journey. If she does not agree, on to the phrase: the desire of a woman's feelings are more intense than men, the reason is often money or benefits.
unsympathetic drama, and no longer has staged the scene of women suffer some women leave will be more decisive and send you a: us, you can not meet that I want to break your heart and yet they say: What I want is love This love is that some woman a house, car, and dissipation?
cry, have begun to Let a man remove the mask of defense once when I was younger, thinking young and very confused why the man's pressure then playing, not to vent their emotions? also put on so strong? really is the heart Jiaocui. can now finally with the woman presumptuous tears to express their anguish, but the cry of the man with a woman absolutely different from a man's cry to the more real simply because its opportunities, and are not allowed so many.
ah, such as a meal, such as the allocation of life, the proportion of emotion are so can not say that good can only say that this world is getting naked is increasingly reflected in the nature of the surface.
last night program said something: people, only in the other half of the front, and will show the unbridled truth, then said something to do, especially men. but complement one: Even if the couple also the privacy of each other, life is not known. really believe or do not believe or I think I have, but even so, you will enjoy her (or him) to bring you everything. love
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