easy violence irritability

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easy violence irritability

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Olympics text for understanding the origin and focus of the doping dispute.
Zhao Makimoto Johnson and medicine. he is too compelling, too easy to become prey capture people very do not understand Johnson, how dare again to take the world great condemnation? Seoul Olympic Games, due to the East-West Cold War's end, stimulants began to act as the root of all evil in the first of the sports, however, these exaggerated comments these are the Seoul Olympics languages ​​replica does not have any new ideas does not seem to Johnson, the international sports arena is very clean . the sports

exaggerated dirty old Seoul comment replica of the facts behind is: awkward Johnson neither enough knowledge to know What kind of medicine is the most effective for building muscle, but can not hack the system out of this medicine. a pharmacological test products, he is just the manipulation of certain economic or political purposes, although he was willing to accept this kind of mercy.
know that the foundation of Juan Antonio Samaranch said in Seoul, day of the incident: guilty, the people around him more guilty of doping is to deceive, we can not tolerate such behavior and we are in a difficult period, but we must stick to principles. he was just caught in the hundreds of medication champion and record-breaking one. he was ideal prey, doomed doomed. The
The second fact is that the pursuit of success and sensation in a variety of the effect of modern acting profession, and why only a competitive sport, especially stimulants most flooding in the power of project? to compare the results only show that: modern sport itself has a strong induced drug crimes, the power, or it can be said it is most likely to lead to a hotbed of androgen abuse, environmental
modern athletics has long been faced with a dilemma: either stripped of the paint on the olympic flag painted utopian, it is too easy to pierce the myth ; or think of ways to mitigate the seriousness of the drug scenes: the audience cheering a winner, but my mind was in Ta Kwu He may be a devil. now is the attitude of all world-class athletes are drug test focuses on this universal doubt itself is destined to this The hero of the stage, was ;, as if the whole human race language to bring the days of mankind, in the pompous language traditional ideal of expression, people need some sort can stimulate their own, so that the things that excited. insider exposure
Johnson medication, the world media have said that true idea of ​​a few percent of the people on Earth, to a large extent, may still be those that provide stimulants is equal to the idea of ​​the concept of br> Today, many countries in the doping on the performance of the embarrassment and hypocrisy Tsui face, just like professional athletes and business issues before the Barcelona Olympics in the Olympic 90 years of history, from the debate with the facts of professional and amateur , we can clearly see an irreversible trend: the professionalization and commercialization of the Olympic athletes is overwhelming. since
early, to allow professional athletes to participate in the Olympic Games, is a clear modern sport hypocrisy phenomenon was pointed out that: the only way in professional made a part of a major breakthrough in the commercialization of its kin sharp substantive irresistible force swept away another jointly organized sports, the surface is very authoritative, but does not allow merchants in the Olympic hall swaggering, their own soon have to close down.
Seoul Olympics, Johnson event this is the opportunity of fully rational investigated doping problem, but the curse of exaggerated not only fail to eliminate this hypocrisy, in fact, did not dare to believe the innocence of the world's top athletes on the project of a force.
accused the East German female swimmers all Wutaisancu voice like a man, and insinuate that they are br> East German coach, concise points to flaunt the law by an environment may not be able to be forced to feel this compulsion, because this is their I'll give you a drug, which enables you to become an Olympic champion, but also makes you die within five years. Are you willing to take? desperate attitude of exchange of material to be Olympic champion in the fate of such a glance, they do not die because of doping, but to champion on behalf of that thing die. So, What is this thing?
answer: it may the same doping is not necessarily a drug, it could also be something else.
in 1971, the U.S. weightlifter Ken Petra as Last year, we lost to the Soviets, the only difference is that we do not have a drug plan, and now have to meet again next year, I can lift 340 pounds, then know that their drugs, or medicine. the;
during the Cold War, East and West sports contest significance has been exaggerated to frightening proportions, athletics became a social system the merits of the appraisal of the General Assembly, but its extreme manifestation is not the but the boycott. Petra Stanford speech without fear is a typical expression of the proliferation of nationalist consciousness, but its consequences will not be more serious than continuous boycott, boycott not only arbitrarily deprived of the rights of a large number of athletes to participate in the Olympic Games in vain to make their golden period goes by, but completely cut off the exchange of hostile ideological movement between groups relative to treat foe facing the death of the direct threat posed to the Olympic movement. drugs of this kind of political indoctrination than athletes doping with greater forced it to the maximum extent athletes turned into dolls, and even let them against a statement, posing as so-called Munich's National Olympic Committee on 16 January, the West German President Richard von Weizsacker, sports shows more and more strength, but at the same time the four risk has become increasingly acute. these four dangerous:
, violence, infiltration of sports, sports control commercialization threatens the peaceful intentions of the sport;
four despicable manipulation of the human body.
the International Olympic Committee's review, also said: The current international sports there are four major hazards are:
violence infiltrate sports, have resulted in tragic casualties bloodshed;
two political forces and ideology hinder sports development, against the sports family, friendship and solidarity;
three, more and more serious business, and harm intended by the challenge of sports ethics and the player's personality;
four, some of the athletes drug use, injection pharmaceutical, sports for the benefit of human health.
stimulants natural manipulation of a manipulation of the human body is only a means, not an end in addition, it is not necessarily benefit from human manipulation itself determine whether it is base or noble, but must be linked with motivation to examine.
the same manipulation the human body, although some practices not been as stimulants of the attack, but its wins while pregnant. before pregnancy, as well as at the obsequious requirements with a strange man. Eastern European countries, sports officials are keen to succeed, even forced the hands of athletes to receive artificial insemination to pregnancy.
sample survey conducted once during the Olympic Games show that 26 Soviet athletes participating there were 10 pregnant, almost all of Bulgaria's pregnant pregnant. El kt
Finland, Research athletes have more than 30 years, he said: routine major sports competitions, pregnancy is becoming a favorable way for athletes to gain advantage. Geneva When did pregnancy before the game, how to do after the game flow the people of the noodles, the weightlifter is all shaped like a bucket, basketball players stand hh the athlete's body was subject to a form of exercise, on the surface, it is the trend of the exposition.
they naturally not to sing the elected, but been pointed out, if genetic engineering scientific breakthroughs can be done in order to comply with non-Normal size people get elected in the principle of biological motion. change the purpose of the human genome to the arbitrary control of a person's weight, height, flexibility, strength, then the athletes are likely to become a monster of a number of deliberately created out of some form of exercise.
in history, mankind has its own need many-body deformed monster fantasy, such as superhuman, Avalokitesvara, Joji Diamond is hard to imagine this monster really high-volume manufacturing, the sports arena is a look like, presumably in the normal Olympics ; Paralympic Olympic Games > the stimulant become died shortly after this year a Briton held in France, bicycle motocross. medical examination, he was taking a of view, to expect from some sort of panacea for the thoughts and actions of the divine still interested in the > It has been set, the first Olympic Games, was also casually take medicine, drink, swallowed poisonous snake bile. foreigners early sell than Beijing old flyover skill beginning of the movement, people rely on medication to enhance their competitiveness is clearly very tolerant reason may lie, this is an ancient everybody thinks that normal psychological, and second, because early stimulant effects of exercise levels and body not obvious. Resorting to the idea of ​​the power of drug, the concept is not so ugly.
in 1960 the situation began to change. the Rome Olympics, a Danish cyclist taking stimulants died suddenly on the way, it is said this an event the International Olympic Committee in Belgium Alexander de Meide Luo, Prince, drafting reports, and he presided over the meeting of the Council, the participants, including the famous British Pharmacological expert Beckett more than world-renowned doctors. the convening of the meeting alleged to declare war on doping.
occurred before the events in Italy, a more serious incident than cyclists died suddenly. Swedish discus thrower the Bulu Qi due to drug intoxication, gun shot to the crowd , but it did not attract attention, perhaps it is not declaration of war sports exchanges, they appeared in the farce of within an increase of 28 kg body weight. sent
an East German country doctor said that his country never dared careful examination of the Soviet Union athletes.
athletes I am not I do not know the dangers of doping.
U.S. fourth Olympic discus gold medalist A. Ete said: a nuclear war, opponents poor strike, I am not laid down arms and we do not want to get healthy adventure, but this is a competitive sport, we have to win glory for the country. American athletes are taking a certain drug. doping
, the Olympics became a record, which is to the credit of the chemicals.
In addition, stimulants gives strength, but also makes people ugly sex Nanbian. champion won the world amateur bodybuilding competitions and the Miss America of the pedicle Na. Pulaijinjia California real estate broker and long-term use of steroids in the past, she has simply become a man. when making a call, pull, often called her husband, when she wore a skirt to a nondescript Simon drugs also changed her personality, easy violence irritability, once her husband came home late, she was furious a husband throw to go out and beat them, she said: lift of 160 kg weight. husband in front of me becoming more and more light, I often play down on their knees begging for mercy. , but not that want to appear superhuman miracle? this superhuman miracle appears, suddenly found the wishes, it can make you jump higher. occurred in sharp conflict with another more general ancient desire health and longevity in this conflict, stimulants destined to be converted into the object of attack.
surround and annihilate stimulants found, want the gold medal to life A gentleman of the people, tarnished Olympic lofty ideals of the devil.
but mankind has reached the limits of physical ability, the competition is so fierce, brutal outcome of the world, athletes are only two options, either be eliminated or medication, so the human will inevitably face such an embarrassing situation: to create a new record, war was launched. the
stop thief the war
in history, without any type of warfare than a siege doping wonderful the one hand, all countries have vowed accused of doping, many sports powers established兴奋剂检测中心 expressed its willingness to cooperate with the international sports organizations at the same time, the activities of money by the national anti-doping test agency, has become an open secret. the results of world sports everywhere are buzzing with the sound of .
world sports organizations facing the challenges of the sports medical institutions around the world, whether it can win the war is doubtful most definitely is a U.S. 400 runners Reynolds and the IAAF to court in February, the West German soccer star Michael Schumacher national team. In fact, as early as in 1977, Beckenbauer also the national team when the two teams said: optimal state. can swallow the tablets, also available for injection of the injection. Anti-Doping Committee recommended that doping in the 1991 New Year's Day, not to pursue the covered how the German sports-doping layer of moral mask This mask both for political reasons, but also for economic reasons in a world today, the athletes of any background is almost impossible to become a world-class players, or he (she) a world-class athletes, it can not be free to be about some kind of force it may be the economy, it could be political, racial, etc..
so that the endless stop thief war, Asitapan start medication to Johnson, Johnson did not know, then, of course, Johnson, he was willing to continue taking. you want. is portrayed as he is l Canada's shame, r is a young strong-willed superstar, he placed in the situation there has never been the huge profits of the International Group for the capture of Johnson this prey, and how well-designed trap. This article exposed with all mankind because of the great unity of all the skills of cold weapons, sporting heroes and war hero, both in the closed arena or in the open battlefield, have a very real sense, relative to the whole community groups they can more effectively grasp a group of their own destiny. Johnson them is in a closed arena, for the audience to be met by the compensatory mental and ready to be replaced symbols. they can manipulation point from the Treasure of the Sierra sand he will die when his servant howl: Juan died, but as long as the audience hope that the scene is more stimulating, there will be a second, third, Juan fell hh
Johnson also Johnson, second, third, hh Johnson neither the devil nor an angel, just on the surface to act as intermediary to convey the concept of loopholes in the heart are also eager to end bullfighting audience is not a beast. Angels & Demons is the kind of paradox concept created by both sides of the beast. the personality

auction March 7, 2009, Johnson farewell Tian Tan book: my athletics career. my advisers and others say I have good reason to appeal, but taking into account the age factor, financial factors and family obligations, I decided not to sue. I spent a very long track and field career. I experienced victory and defeat after the Seoul Olympics, I have said I will return to the track and clear and simply participate in the competition, I know I did this for my family, I friends, my coach, my manager, and over the years to support my people, I have to say thank you! than 1, the the IAAF provisions of the ceiling is only 6 to 1. his comment 19th century, the concept of self is becoming increasingly narrow, people from the previous yes you need to. how to sell personality, and therefore his experience is a commodity. In this way, a person concerned about his life and happiness, but the sales person must jump on the bandwagon in the market, must know what kind of personality on the market in hot demand, the spread of industry to show a variety of successful picture and life story.
part documentary called cattle tigers of force to bring his handcuffed, but he goes as far as the handcuffs of quality steel pull off two of his wrist has been hit hard in the force, handcuffs hanging from the meat of a torn hh, which is the drug the magic of PCP, it can make in a short time become a mighty and no pain.
an American doctor personally experienced this drug, produced a helps to understand the phenomenon of doping flooding the West to study the problem of drug abuse experts have a common conclusion, drug addicts tend to have a common root: Want to get rid of the feeling of pain and misfortune, and abandoned by society through drug
Sports Ground on the to create a miracle to sell price (on behalf of the noble, great, glorious, immortal) consciousness available to the public some of the decorative anecdote (which can represent humor, wit, fool), trying to escape the scandal (the scandal often with a social atmosphere. customs, changing perceptions of change).
today's world, people already have the habit of The record can make big money, and if the medication is not found off the drug, Johnson turned into mediocrity, self-promotion difficult. inevitable result, as the case described by Fromm: so that self-esteem by many conditions beyond the control of the l market-oriented r own power as a commodity alienation in the people, not the power of the owner. hh strength and power to create something separated, these things with him phase separation, and by others to determine and use, so the self-same sense of self-esteem as shaken. These conditions will inevitably distort the human relations, interpersonal relationships must be on the surface when the individual self is denied, market-oriented, everyone involved in the same competition, common pursuit of success, there is a common feeling: loneliness, fear of failure, the desire of happiness. This competition has no direction, do not expect there will be direction. > (Published in
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