Beatcasque-experience music just how your artist

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Beatcasque-experience music just how your artist

Postby x8lpc56c52 » Wed Apr 11, 2012 3:52 am

1.5 billion is not a small sum,Make it for the form of the ears beat casque fnac, and then come up overnight, investors keep track of. Can be seen,Let your rhythm while in the music universe casque beat dr dre, Kuo school entrap investors in malicious damage to the integrity of the securities market as a market,what is your joys for playing with headphones casq, I strongly urge:
1,Beatcasque are unquestionably the most recent craz, as securities regulators,This beatcasque is genuinely star-studded monster beat studio, the Securities Regulatory Commission which should be this attached great importance to study more and practice of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, Dongsheng Technology to investigate immediately, and the suspension, until the survey Kuo description of the problem. At present, the East Sheng Technology is already the fourth daily limit, and seal single there are over 600 million, we can see is the dealer regardless of the cost to sell, but ordinary investors are innocent. more importantly, after Topsun Science and Technology is also putting a smokescreen Topsun Science and Technology,Beatcasque-experience music just how your artist casque beat dr dre, the so-called good news announcement sold to foreign investors, it can be said is malicious induced investors.
2, activate the relevant emergency measures to prevent Kuo learn to take the means to transfer assets to freeze the Dongsheng Group payments between companies, especially the unknown outflow of funds; also freeze the Kuo school personal accounts. new Securities Act already gives the SFC such rights,Down to this type of music you prefer casque monst, this is the role
3, urged listed companies, convened by the Board of Supervisors held a provisional shareholders' meeting,This beatcasque is genuinely star-studded monster, make a detailed description of the current company. to appease the workers, to reassure investors.
4, Kuo learn Western medicine this one sold to Bayer, but also sales network in conjunction betrayed, so Topsun Science and Technology complete loss of the main profitability. the strengths of the current Chinese medicine is not Topsun Science and Technology,Find your ideal and produce your own personal voice beat casque studio, and wide reputation far not imagine the market competitiveness,Beatcasque France its long term seems promising mo, Dongsheng Technology to sell good profitability of the assets and sales network, put into the bad assets to debt,casque Beats Headphones are wonderful for an productive lifestyle beat by dre pr, this is the behavior of the seriously damaged the interests of all shareholders, the Commission must be stopped.
5,Find your very best and develop your personal voice beat casque fnac, listed as a whole is a strategic behavior to listed companies bigger and stronger. not listed as a whole as a strategy to cast it,Find your ideal and produce your own personal voic, the bad assets put into the listed company, to drag the interests of all shareholders. the Kuo school listed as a whole is absolutely not be allowed to succeed. SFC to encourage the overall listing, but if those in disguise harm to investors in disguise listed,Make it for the form of the ears beat casque fnac, actual SFC will become their accomplice. rigorous review of its overall listing of the real motives of the Commission at this time.
6, even at the debt-equity swaps, to settle their debts,Down to this type of music you prefer monster beat, the SFC would also arrived strict implementation of the monitoring of the whole process of asset evaluation, and have the liquidity to shareholders of participation, the rating agencies must be the adoption of the two-thirds majority of the shareholders' meeting (related shareholders to evade).
the Kuo school director of Topsun Science and Technology,casque Beats Headphones are awesome for an product, China's securities market split share structure reform, when the stock market forward direction of the healthy development of the scene of farce. the majority of investors are just to regain confidence in the stock market, and the development of the securities market is full of hope, if the SFC let Kuo school continue to director undermine investors' things,Down to this kind of music you prefer casque monst, China's securities market will certainly again be questioned, the share reform,Beatcasque-experience music just how your artist c, the fruits of victory will be engulfed by a moth of the securities market, please SFC leadership attaches great importance to Dongsheng of technology and Kuo the benefit of all stock market investors,Make you proud to sporting beatcasque in public ca, in order to long-term stability of the securities market for the country's economic construction, honestly, honestly,Beatcasque France its long term seems promising mo!
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