Dior perfume

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Dior perfume

Postby u9zx85bnd0 » Sun Apr 15, 2012 9:34 pm

Dior perfume, cosmetics company officially announced that Charlize Theron will speak for the new image advertising Jradore perfume I really
Oscar for best actress winner image appears in the classic Dior perfume mmJradore really my TV and print ads . Jradore real perfume I was born in 1999 , is still one of the world's top ten best-selling perfume .
endorsements by CharlizeTheron , Jradore perfume ads will be held this fall in the global launch by JohnGalliano to build , CharlizeTheron by JohnGalliano hand-picked advertising endorsements star . the ad also marked Dior perfume, cosmetics company for the first time in its perfume advertisements using celebrity endorsements .
CharlizeTheron has always been a loyal supporter of the Dior brand in 2004 GoldenGlobes awards ceremony , CharlizeTheron wearing by JohnGalliano for her specially designed Dior evening gown , and eventually won the best Actress Award with Festival , the wearing CharlizeTheron is JohnGalliano specially designed Dior haute given the uniform of the evening , and all the Dior cosmetics present at the ceremony .
Jradore true perfume new TV commercials by John Galliano , artistic director , by the famous photographer Nick Knight shooting .
Charlize Theron 's latest film change from the action 's role in the 1980s, the very popular MTV video.
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