cute little stars

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cute little stars

Postby r2f3l0nv1e » Fri Mar 30, 2012 10:15 pm

Long time no write something, you can have a rest this afternoon, the weather is good, open my own blog, hear the day after tomorrow, I suddenly felt very warm feeling, looking out of the window, listening to the music, as if a lot of troubles temporarily disappeared, the head that is all around at a few weeks before encountered love my fans, some still clearly remember their look, kind of grandparents, cute little stars, beautiful stars sister, a lot of beautiful star girls, handsome boys are also not willing to show weakness to me out of my new album, some even from time to time to two world HH Beijing Changchun Changsha Jiangmen Tianjin Yantai Zhuhai how to find myself no matter what the situation would be able to feel the great happiness?! when I was in the north when the plane that was ready to warm warm handbags, suddenly feel very hot, feel where is my home, like family members like care made me feel warm HH from last month twenty-two had almost a month, the album sold well, each to a city to do at all local dish sweeping and scraping an empty, I knowThe store was less of a disc one more person can hear my song, and the album did well, so I am very happy, happy to sing: " fly far and high speed of light after the power of love to hold my back success I have does not matter I love my tears flow hh" here, that I am in march forward courageously recording, it is the singer's essential work to play to the extreme, interview the two began to play my song, from fly far and high, sing we are the same, then to the world, and finally back to fly far and high, so Li Chen said to fly far and high almost into the march forward courageously. The theme song, good morning, brother, you got that right, let me tell you, the next few period march forward courageously theme song you would hear fly far and high!! we also give the good news to the injured friends, hope can quickly take good care of, all of us. Fly far and high! two days ago to see the 18 this month to broadcast " happy base camp " program preview, was really too Khan ~ ~ ~ ~ ~! I sang the world, also sang the sky ~ ~ drops a Lin, vocal conversion I almost let me find notTo the north there. But what surprised me most was that the show, I like her voice, very modern, more like the girl, who is in Hangzhou to sing on embarrassing me. Let her awkward girl ~ this two months everyone in the television to hear my " tomorrow later, my " " ", believe that we all look like Oh!
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Re: cute little stars

Postby hanlontny » Wed Apr 11, 2012 2:13 am

I agree with you,thanks for you sharing!

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