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e-mail advertising

Postby y2af6k9s6m » Tue Mar 06, 2012 10:27 pm

Emblem sword: the commercial Web site operators entry-Talk (serial), chapter 5, several ways to promote commercial websites (online advertising articles)
said from the commercial sites of this began to talk about several ways to promote emblem sword ready to sub-six to write, are the the
several ways to promote commercial websites (online advertising articles)
several ways to promote commercial websites (Network PR articles)
several of the commercial websites promotion methods (traditional dissemination of articles) of
informative website to promote the implementation of the case
interactive website to promote the implementation of the case
e-commerce site to promote the implementation of Case
Today we take a look at a few of the commercial websites kinds of promotion methods (online advertising articles)
on online advertising some basic knowledge here is not to say, we are interested can go online to find the next emblem sword will talk about the business website how to choose online advertising to reach the right purpose
online advertising's share in the promotion of commercial websites is a very important position, and commercial sites need promotion, which the most basic starting point is to do online advertising online advertising site to increase user goals of the general process of online advertising are the first to make Internet users access the site through advertising, so bring the hits of the page in this browser, Internet users in the application site to provide services (such as information, etc.). emblem sword here consider three questions: 2): is characterized by good accuracy, the more real, more professional Internet users, the drawback is the use of Internet users is relatively small, but still very cost-effective inputs and outputs
) Affiliate advertising: You can choose the degree of freedom, lower cost, higher cost, but the associate degree generally is not too high. information class more suitable for commercial websites publicity. emblem sword recommends this input is generally about one-third
4) traffic affiliate advertising: the price is very low, more suitable for information sites, but the pop-up site can not be selected easily mixed with bad sites suitable for those eager to expand their traffic sites ALEXA ranking good seat, but the emblem of the sword to remind First, this kind of advertising is the net aimlessly, the second is the kind of advertising is easy to lead ALEXA blocked if it is a personal website, may wish to take risks, big deal to change the domain name.
) designated web site advertising: targeted, but the price is no uniform standard to see when it is published, how to discuss targeted is very strong. suitable for highly specialized sites for promotion. For example: Are you in the station network do sell advertising server hosting services.
6) software promotional advertising: use different information software for different sites will have very different effects, such as e-commerce sites may have good results, and for information sites are not necessarily say you do a B2B industry websites, publishing software such as the Business Express and other information, you may well come to the nation the same B2B website. mass
7) e-mail advertising: low cost, but The premise is to have a good mailing list, and before you publish, be sure to publish their own mail domain to do reverse lookups, or most of your e-mail when spam abandoned, but the e-mail advertising have a big advantage is that we can added the contents of more goal focused particularly strong.
8) communication tools advertising: such as MSN mass QQ mass, the effect has been watered down, and publish object is difficult to accurately and a lot of viral marketing is easily aroused antipathy and commercial litigation caused.
9) other ads: such as network name, these are now in fact dispensable.
Finally, the emblem of the sword to remind the release of the online advertising should be noted that,
first, can not be used so that Internet users objectionable, such as viral marketing, so that although the short term can bring a lot of traffic, but Internet users are forced to accept, can easily cause Internet users objectionable, leading to the site damaged the image of passive forced to
, do not take the garbage-style advertising, such as plug-in pop and unprincipled traffic exchange, unless the plug-in very good targeted, otherwise your pop gives the user the feel with viral marketing is the same, but if you The site is mainly informational, or you are sure your site has a strong enough attraction such as free television, and other not anti strengthen its efforts in this regard.
third, not all the cost pressure in the same to promote ways to choose the right combination mix of both good results, at the same time reduce costs.
this one is mainly about commercial websites in the online advertising, put principle, then speak business site in the network of public relations and dissemination of the practice principles. the final will take three to analyze three different aspects of the case. In fact, the issue of online advertising, there are many details, such as:
how to choose the search engine Keywords (leave the subject behind the commercial site on search engines is speak)
how to determine the class website (this topic is more interesting, such as real estate related websites in fact, can also automotive information online advertising, etc. , leave behind to talk about the Web site link when stresses)
in how to implement the e-mail marketing and advertising? how to implement the software to promote? these topics behind there will be a special article talking about.
Note: the promotion of this topic involving a large, almost the entire series inside one article will be involved. emblem sword of
(Preface articles): the commercial Web site operators entry-Talk (serial)
first: a commercial site how to get started ready to
second building a commercial web site is very simple
the third to make a business website how much Title IV
, commercial websites and personal web site the difference
emblem sword exchange the contact
QQ: 543 914 296
MSN: huijian2008@hotmail.com
article no matter what media, under the guarantee signed by the premise may be reproduced, royalties does not matter if we adopt the to Yangkan or informed about, the emblem of the sword will be very happy.
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Re: e-mail advertising

Postby aldenjackson » Wed Mar 28, 2012 10:56 pm

Advertising is bringing a product (or service) to the attention of potential and current customers. Advertising is focused on one particular product or service. Thus, an advertising plan for one product might be very different than that for another product. Advertising is typically done with signs, brochures, commercials, direct mailings or e-mail messages, personal contact, etc. Now these days e-mail advertising is very popular , it is so easy to advertise or promote your product/sites.
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Re: e-mail advertising

Postby hanlontny » Wed Apr 11, 2012 1:57 am

Today we take a look at a few of the commercial websites kinds of promotion methods (online advertising articles)
on online advertising some basic knowledge here is not to say, we are interested can go online to find the next emblem sword will talk about the business website how to I agree with you,thanks for you sharing!

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