the book recommends longchamp pliage taille m

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the book recommends longchamp pliage taille m

Postby x8lpc56c52 » Wed Apr 11, 2012 1:36 am

After reading a pamphlet, called through self-acceptance, self-acceptance means to know themselves, to accept the Bureau is,long champs, but still regard themselves as a development.
envy those who are looking to be the envy of those who willingly by their servitude they were convinced that they have this power. We often hear that the top student in the school so that other students Chaozuo Ye - they think this will ease co envy of losers, but in fact can not, can only temporarily real to do,sale longchamp bags, because honors of this attitude is that they have something to pay
related to jealousy,sac longchamp pliage, the book using some of the words: possessive,longchamp pliage taille m, exclusive awareness, lack of self-worth,longchamp pliage taille m, lack of ability to love.
countermeasures is of course antonyms.
about love, the book refers to some of Fromm's view:
Fromm Love has two forms: the existence of love and possession of love.
; creative activity, a non-the lack of autologous activity and understanding between the two means that these two points,sac �� main longchamp, to care about someone or something, not only refers to the love of people,soldes longchamps maroquinerie, but also refers to the love of things and ideas,longchamp sacs, which means someone or something to do thorough research and full affirmation, and produce feelings of preferences. the object of love can be a person, it can be a tree or a thought. All in all, the existence of love refers to is endowed with the object of life, enhance the vitality of the object. moving, its risk is, if you pay your objects and enhanced vitality, he (she) change the love of others, then you will lose the object - I think many people are unwilling to do, but indeed a very great idea, I think this risk is worth taking,sac �� main longchamp pliage, to consider the positive side, even if you lose your spouse, you have been successful, because he (she) enhance the vitality,longchamp bags cheap, your pay will become each other happy an essential element.
, but not without sadness understand each other.
possessory nothing to say, it is that we treat the attitude of their own property, in this love,prix longchamp pliage, the bitterness of people eat too much, I do not know why people still like it that way.
God, except me, you must no longer have any other God. This love relationship?
I think the book above the saying goes.
at the end, the book recommends: ---- people took possession of think they own something, you can get good sense of the value and sense of self,sac �� main longchamp prix, in fact, we should continue to create new life situation, despite the various crises,sac longchamp en soldes, should actively participate in the new relationship, can often cause other people's interests, the only way that we can get a good sense of self-worth.
think, we feel love, love the one kind of thing is simply to demonstrate our love for this world because this world is so big, like a big gift box conditions, only from selected a favorite - all the love in my eyes only to prove one thing,longchamps sale, that is, we We live in a world of unlimited attachment - some people like to seize a person or thing is to love as the focus of the rest of the back seat,sac �� main longchamp, and some people a little confused, like everything between,sac �� main longchamp, I can not see which way higher tomorrow.
In addition, I consider that to be a human existence, love is also a good strategy for survival, if we do the opposite choice, we do not like this,longchamp pliage taille m, hate that,sacs �� main longchamp pas cher, or do not care, then our existence is a bit conflicts,sac �� main longchamp prix, children,sac a main longchamp discount, complaining about for a long time, why not choose a death? I decided to chose to love it before she died.
learn tennis forehand success rate, learning a backhand, back and forth on pull a few hit today, getting a little mean. feet of bubble point Ye Hao, still covered in sore, but all day long pain, also adapted to the efficiency of strenuous exercise is really high, suddenly feel so little energy left at night but also brisk walking for one hour, it seems a good sleep is not a problem.
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