Korea cheerful blue

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Korea cheerful blue

Postby x8lpc56c52 » Wed Mar 28, 2012 11:23 pm

New year approaches, the weather is growing cold. Stay home for a number of upcoming stay at the new home of a friend, to create a stylish and warm in this cold winter home world, is a very important thing.
In home design which The paint color is the most affected elements of the atmosphere at home, the appropriate color can change a room's environment, improve people's mood in home design, paint color choice is one of the many home designers to overcome the topic.
for winter decoration friend, the continuation of the end of 2010 fashion colors, open up a new mainstream color style, or green, or simple and casual or romantic dim, all without losing a good choice.
2010, we continue to spread in the terminal effects and feedback.
here with friends to share the six main push of a bright life trend:
environmental and ecological: love nature, the consensus of protecting the environment, drive this season's color palette continues to ecologically based, pastoral green ocean blue, Yukino's beneath pure ..... the life source of natural health from environmental, to the heart of love commitment to build a harmonious beauty.
warm love Harbour: soft, quiet, with a warmth of color design inspiration from the heart's true desire, perhaps a warm khaki, perhaps the charm of red roses. may also be subtle blue classic color harmony with a modern sense of the fashion trend, yet quiet and protective sense.
bloom of hope: the growing problem of global warming, environmental responsibility highlight the need to rebuild the eternal, true, firm value and quality. With the insistence and yearning for the sincere and noble sentiments, and opening up as well as hopes and literacy, vibrant green, Korea cheerful blue, warm and comfortable warm purple. ..... in the vast sense of space, with plenty of vigor and energy, bursting the hope of a fresh start.
leisure space: noisy, complicated social environment, tired of the day to go home the need for quiet and leisurely enjoyment season neutral, simple casual style is still sought after by the people, relax in the casual space, discard distractions, discard the tired, enjoy a cup of tea mellow ......
, romantic and eternal: the romantic colors will never fade mind the concept of romanticism, romantic tone, no longer does not belong to another on the red, a touch of purple. soothing, quiet tone, the ease of the atmosphere is family romance, as time goes by, warm as ever, love eternal ...
, when the back of a fairy tale, the protagonist, naughty, clever hh firmly grasp the nature of three color design is designed for babies Tong Wonderland, and a special introverted lifestyle mixed together, the classical charm and modern style, communion in one room, stylish simplicity and atmospheric elements in the same house, same space, harmony jump happiness does not belong to the same world, a perfect blend of living in the confused above competition debut, the home of the world colorful. versatile
color, we are constantly exploring the secret of it, to express coatings and space applications, in February 2011, we will post 2011 color trend.
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