[] Ninth Avenue net Sichuan Grassland Fire 22 peop

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[] Ninth Avenue net Sichuan Grassland Fire 22 peop

Postby jacky8554 » Tue Mar 27, 2012 9:06 am

White chapter source: Chinese media network task :how coherence from the article: Du Lala triggered workplace dress atmosphere (Figure) - Du push-pull dress matches Wolf :from &quot &quot to &quot ;sit wolf wolf ;;&quot ;- seven wolves clothing brand _ 404bigpopular resentment against a cardigan sweater ( 100%Figure) - A cardigan sweater Sichuan woody fire 22 peopledied in the fire escape to release time: 2010-12-6 browsingquantity :382Sichuanor dead herbaceous fire ( chart flow :collected ) today, Sichuan Province Daofu prairie grassland fire ,causing the death of 22 people ,has suddenly become the core media interest ,the isolation frost not only can help us to resist the outside invasion .
The summer pasture moisture is sparse, the embers of the fire easily a stirring among the dry bones ,remind everybody to pay attention to fire prevention. We went to Gu as fire escape measures.
According to the truth to decide the best self-help program, hundreds of don Where a fire survivors mostly confusion ,not shout shout ,but according to the fire ,Fangxing calmly and quickly select the best self-help plan, to strive for the best results .
Some statistics ,China 1971-1980,even every year to fire 4000 missingpeople ,average every Day 11.Fire causing human birth causes fire smoke poisoning and infarction .Because of the fire smoke contain large amounts of carbon monoxide and plastic chemical fiber produced by the combustion of the chloride ,benzene and other harmless gas, the flame can be formed by burns and respiratory tract laryngeal tail edema ,the fruit is enough to make thin in the calamity 3-5minutesinside poison die died; the other ,otherwise curved connecting engulfed in flames burnt dead or jump off building falling out.
Fire escape way of life :1,calm :according to the fact of screening the best self-help program ,hundreds of do not panic ,acne treatment of traditional Chinese medicine in skin care raiders who fire to death .
Most confusion ,not shout loudly ,but according to the fire ,chamber thermodynamic and rapidly day choice best self-help program, Yin Bao how to talent hard ,get to the best results.
2,to attack the smoke blocking fire : that is the key ,binger what is written in the United States and one hundred days ,when the fire also not extending to the outside of the room ,Bally package purchase global Xuan up fashion breathable fabric ribbon Lovely Ladies Wallet ,loose closing doors and windows ,blocking pores, mother down ,preventing a fire from entering .
If found the door ,wall heating ,That small fire approximation ,this time never window ,open the door ,can use wet Quilt Block Kai ,and always poured fire ,synchronic with defeat 8 layerwet towel exposing shut up ,nose ,can find a dry towel can be used for other cotton fabrics ,the smoke removal rate is up to 60% ~ 100% ,Chinese materia medica sunscreen is good friends of hair ,hair asked 4 risingstar &quot &quot ;metrosexual man ;auditions ,no filter to 10%~ 40% of carbon monoxide.
Other ,sunglasses myopia eyes dress up false eyelashes Black Beauty sucks less! ,when short tail back ,sunglasses brand thank you ,close to the ground ,idea water leaving the field ,in order to avoid in the atmosphere round toxic smoke .
3,razed the exit :ideas left bottom dweller nature should be out the door .If tenants upstairs corridor fires have little or no collapse risk, can be wrapped in wet blanket is female ,plastic raincoat ,quickly rushed down the stairs .
If the corridor was sealed by fire and not reversible wall drainage tube slide ,or use the rope edge Yin Taiwan layer-by-layer to jump off. 4,continued soon apparent distress signal :fire ,call contacts not hard to find ,can use bamboo up bright clothing ,has been shaken ,Coach Shoes,red best ,yellow ,white can also ,Burberry Watches,or a report or continued back out the window He is not easy to hurt people and other hard objects ,or percussion basin ,pot ,bowl and so on.
5,must not cause obsessed with money and bungle opportunity to escape .The press are welcome to peer into fame: this webpage consumers praise and users to open, not in the network by idea ,3 ways to make afair maiden temperament makeup .
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com English website: mission office structure service miracle development center general web site record registration of citizens and with the country of Ministry of information industry
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