the V6 engine sac a main longchamp discount

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the V6 engine sac a main longchamp discount

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Dream. Harmony. New realm, is a global sports event,sac longchamp prix discount, the 2008 Beijing International Auto Show is the hearts of the Chinese auto companies of the Olympic Games in the national advocate independent innovation environment, Chinese independent brand car business, ushered in the golden age of development, and achieved rapid development of Geely Automobile International professional automotive media and Chery Automobile has been recognized, side by side with world-renowned car manufacturers that China's independent brand automotive industry has formed a certain climate. Beijing Auto Show to showcase the latest research results, models,longchamp sacs, products and corporate image, the Chinese automobile its own brand for the common aspiration of the 2008 Beijing International Auto Show 2008 Beijing International Auto Show, Geely,sac �� main longchamps, Chery, BYD and Brilliance and other auto companies dress into battle, the scale is unprecedented,sale longchamp bags, Geely three brands of six series of 23 models, Chery six camp 29 models, 8 models of BYD two camps, Brilliance models engines debut, Roewe, Zotye, Lifan, JAC and other enterprises have also demonstrated the latest models can be said that own brand groups on the 2008 Beijing Auto Show is an unprecedented scale and level of development of significant progress of the emerging automotive forces to jointly hold the future of China's own auto industry and the 2008 Beijing International Auto Show, the wonderful performance of the independent brand car business worthy of recognition also to our great surprise. circle stroll down own brand enterprises in the Beijing Auto Show, Geely Automobile is of particular concern from the 2006 Beijing Auto Show,prix longchamps, the 2007 Shanghai Auto Show 2008 Detroit Auto Show, Geely along the way. stunning performance, but the 2008 Beijing International Auto Show, there seems to be the vigorous momentum of an volcanic eruption, a rush to illustrating the eagerness of the new Geely Geely seems to put the past two years vigorously developing hard skills made The results all show.
in May 2007,sac longchamp pliage, Geely announced that from price competition to the leading technology, and formally announced that Geely has entered a strategic transition. After nearly a year of continuous integration and promotion of Geely Automobile strategic transformation of the effectiveness of beginning to achieve,sac �� main longchamp prix, whether it is the optimization of product structure, the introduction of the perfect product of the R & D system planning,sac longchamp prix, can see the new Geely's shadow. It is reported that Geely Automobile integration planning five technology platforms, economy car platform, the basic sedan platform, the intermediate sedan platform,longchamps handbag, the high-end business class car platform, and light truck platform, these five technology platforms derived from the 15 product platform, the final 15 product platform can be derived from the 42 products; engine planned for 8 platform, can develop the balance of 20 different displacement engine for the technical characteristics of the different markets; transmission planning 7 platform, 10 the balance of transmission can be developed, Geely is also developing new energy technologies in the future,le pliage longchamp, such as compressed natural gas engines, methanol,cheapest longchamp bags, alternative fuel vehicles, pure electric cars, hybrid cars,prix longchamp pliage, etc. These are laid the technical foundation of support Geely strategic transformation.
2008 Beijing International Auto Show Geely strategic transformation test platform. Geely strategic transformation of the end how results depend on the planning and vision to describe all castles in the air, and ultimately only reflect the models and products is the most real .2008 Beijing Auto Show Geely Group 23 models exhibitors, including 13 first models (including Maple and English Valenti China), the Geely brand of 18 models are divided into six exhibition, including a pure concept car Geely GT hybrid type Geely Fc-E Geely LC-E,soldes longchamp, the first models Panda (Lc-1) King Kong hatchback (Lg-3) Fc-and Fc-3, etc.; in research models models Geely GC (B-class car,sac �� main longchamp prix, the V6 engine), Geely GE, Geely NL, Geely GE and Geely of HL; production car type fc-1 Wagon is the vision of King Kong and 08 free ship, as well as racing geely GF aside Maple and Britain Valenti Chinese brand Geely brand of 18 models, it is called the peak line-up from the field, Geely show car, really encouraged by the show car with preliminary renderings almost unanimously,long champ bags, there is no discount, it is gratifying. Geely strategic transformation of the main slogan is focus, in addition to the technology models, key auto parts is Auto Show important Aspect Geely will show the key parts of the 2008 Beijing International Auto Show including 4G18 series 4G24 series CVVT engine, GDI (direct injection gasoline engine) Z142 automatic transmission, CVT continuously variable transmission, and EPS electric power steering system., April 19, Geely in Shahe Airport BMBS technology demo, so I personally felt the load models BMBS technology in response to high-speed sudden flat tire,sac �� main longchamp, calm performance. own brand can do this step, the national automobile industry in China is very promising.
According to Geely vice president responsible for developing Zhao, revealed that the 23 models of the Geely Beijing Auto Show In addition to the GT is a pure concept car, the other models will be listed in the next 2-3 years,prix sac longchamp pliage, the future Geely possible to do a quarter the level of a new car market, the only way to support the grand goal of Geely 2 million. Geely press conference, Geely executive vice president Yang Jian, also offered to the production base of Geely layout so much,sac a main longchamp discount, is not suspected of Geely multi-layout production base, the base is ready for the auspicious future 40 vehicle models,sac �� main longchamp prix, is to prepare for the future, rather than enclosure.
, it can be said, Geely at the 2008 Beijing International Auto Show is a thorough,soldes longchamps maroquinerie, there is no show the strength of reservations in the 2008 Olympic Games, the Chinese people are concerned about the historical moment, the world announced the birth of a brand new Geely Automobile, Geely Automobile to show the world an impression in a completely different one take root in China and is about the world auto companies .2008 Beijing auto show, own brand because has been unlucky but more exciting.
past, Geely, Chery such new enterprises to fight its own brand Rong Chinese national auto industry in the future will have a number of
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