Samsonite has continued to supply prime quality a

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Samsonite has continued to supply prime quality a

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Longquan Temple reunion dinner
February 2, 2011, New Year's Eve, New Year's Eve,restore your bag to its unique spotless and immacu, for the Chinese people, the celestial pole is important, which is the most lively and happy Spring Festival, every household filled with a hearty New Year's dinner table, a family reunion, sitting around the table, a total of reunion dinner, people both enjoy a table full of food Sheng dishes, but also to enjoy the joy in addition to the festive atmosphere of the old and welcome the.
elderly,Cheap Longchamp Bags are like additional and more longchamp uk, seeing children and grandchildren, one the size of the table of family, the effort expended by the care and dependent children finally have not been in vain, which is what the well-being, while the younger generation, to take this opportunity to express their gratitude to the grace of parenting the annual reunion dinner Chinese people how important it is.
a choice dish,our bags are huge sufficient to suit our overall p, smiling faces, no cup Gong staggered noise peaceful zhaitang of yet warm and festive. in the western suburbs of Beijing Longquan Temple, a group of people, they get together from different places to eat reunion dinner. temple
reunion dinner, what is what?
in the eyes of the world, the monastic life is a clean single, blue lamp spiritual life of Buddha, inoffensive, and lively impression on New Year's Eve, is incompatible.
in the western suburbs of Beijing Phoenix the foot of the Longquan Temple, where the festive atmosphere lot,The brand francois longchamp is my favourite longc, the entire temple. flags flying, Raise the Red Lantern, neon outlines the entire temple bright picture.
today, monastic patriarch, the master with us for the New Year reunion dinner together with the Master, is wandering extremely happy. things.
master with the public to eat reunion dinner
noon, a large family, round round,The brand francois longchamp is my favourite sac l, radiant this year's reunion dinner, three venues, the Sangha in the out heart Pavilion on the third floor, the men and all the lay Five Contemplations of the second floor of the hall, the female congregation lay the lay zhaitang of the first floor, a total of more than 700 people gathered. line
today's Church staff,there is no cause to not search fabulous in your s, uniform dress, net to the Sangha line Church, resident volunteers line to the public lay Church. heart Pavilion on the third floor of
out, nuns do use the Lent venue
Master Chan Hing fasting mentioned in his speech today is the traditional Chinese festival brings together reunion dinner. the New Year in the traditional way, reflecting the atmosphere of our traditional culture,some idea for collocate bags plus the cloths we we, and also reflects the tables of delicious food, do not know what it feels like? Master share, I think talked about the period of the previous Master: The Master said, a one meal to eat things one to do a talent an a train, the temple is a repair My understanding is that our hearts, which have a very clear goal of our work, life,The brand francois longchamp is my favourite sac l, learning to repair to establish their own goals, we Buddhism in order to become a Buddha, has a high purpose,Samsonite has continued to supply high quality and, but this is the infinite life , very distant,why longchamp handbags are so well-known by people, it can be manipulated into a real life, things can be implemented, it must be our immediate goal, this goal is the moment we need to do a thing.
fasting before the the speech
in the past year, regardless of the Sangha, the Buddhist, Zen the Hing Master do,Samsonite has continued to supply prime quality an, or care about the support of our friends have done a lot of work, relying on everyone's efforts, we are the temple construction rapid progress, we have such a good school repair conditions, the achievement of a more and more people learn the cause of Dharma.
I want the New Year today, so many of our lay pay to do so delicious after meals, intentions to taste a great atmosphere. we eat out of joy, eat their way to France hi, and also hope that we eat in the new year, with greater vigor, more effort to do more in-depth school repair, and a broader commitment to make more things to achievements more people to learn the cause of Dharma,Samsonite has continued to supply prime quality an, so that more beings benefit.
looked hearty dish of the table table we eyeful of thanksgiving and joy. twelve dishes, a soup. the Daliao the volunteer road said, just to see everyone happy, that happy moment, it is enough to make all my fatigue to make consumer.
for this beings joy of the reunion dinner table, Daliao the fellow very carefully. Code Block Yin Yu Master said, Not long ago, when ordained finished just want to come back, you think the New Year for everyone to eat what. So, back into from set recipe, pay Sangha audit, procurement, preparation of the New Year and Spring Festival, France will ask the Master Yin Jian, France will experience near the end of the year, as well as other preparatory work, such as clean-up,Samsonite has continued to provide prime quality a, the Treasury will take stock inventory bowls, chopsticks and tableware are also very nervous, but also to rehearse the Spring Festival Evening Show, from the evening of 31 in accordance with the process put the beginning of the processing is basically completed, into the New Year in preparation intense.
see line hall on the second floor. male congregation use vegetarian venue
specially responsible for the procurement of net road on the 30th morning, seven o'clock to go out at 9:00 on the 31st, went out, and drivers Deng Yu, bought a total of 17 kinds of vegetables, because compared to the larger, considering to the purchase price can not be too high, and have the types of food in these days can not be repeated too, and basically let dishes like repeats. procurement experience, we know that down buy is a very energy consumption.
Lay zhaitang
Zen the Hing Master and Yin-Yang Master,Cheap Longchamp Bags are like much more and more l, on behalf of the nuns, lay to each table to express holiday wishes
two chefs dedicated heart and to the temple to do the reunion dinner .08 to convert the Fan Zongjie, before the work of the old volunteer Qingfeng 2007, on the temple are more familiar with the recipes developed by Wang brothers, he felt the mountains to volunteer,some idea for collocate bags and the cloths we wear pliage longchamp, just like home, although bitter, tired, but was particularly pleased this team are a person suffering a bit tired point it does not matter, very good, very happy. before the start of the Pro
reunion dinner, the Church responsible for the line Master Yin Long, convened by the net people students do before
it comes to the temple the significance of the Dayton reunion dinner, Yin Yu Master said, as monks, dinner and as usual, there is no difference, but now lay Suishun beings, but also to promote Buddhism, it is necessary to the reunion dinner has become a good clever. Master said, came from all over, and lay down at home in the New Year, went to the monastery where the New Year, so be sure to eat reunion dinner, the annual food to eat is not good, it will affect one-year mood, we try to meet everyone's mood. Yin Yu Master is very touching, and also tells a true story: Yamashita volunteers to the expense of ease, an old lay speaking, the elderly up, son and daughter are unhappy, said: Mom,This excellent seeking bag can simply hold sufficient items le pliage longchamp, every year I always eat you for giving me dumplings, this year you all care? Thus, the old Buddha busy temple, ran home to his family dumplings. finished Yin Yu Master's eyes are red and swollen, we come here is not easy, we do not good, feeling sorry for Lay who lay so fat the heart of the powers of protection, each of the Sangha were very moved every time they eat dumplings, will feel like a New Year. the volunteers
Daliao aside chef Wang brothers Yankuangshirun, he affirmed the Master's words, said the reunion dinner on a very important person, he himself is subject to the fate of the reunion dinner last year, Chinese New Year in the mountains, eat vegetarian dinner, a very memorable year, food for thought this year to discuss and family have to the mountains of New Year, feel invited to do their modest, very happy to have the opportunity to do a reunion dinner. their skills if they do not do a sumptuous reunion dinner, but there Yin Yu division Ma Brother Fan brothers, confidence is very large, the time to discuss with the Fan brothers, they all feel each dish should be to achieve excellence, regardless of style or taste, try to do our best so that the public eating joy, Master reflected compassion.
Chef Wang brothers good care of each the dish
Yin Yu Master monk is also a former chef, after the monks bear in Daliao. He points to the voice of the cook line. throughout the year. chefs are no idle time, especially the Chinese Lunar New Year will be more busy, the restaurants are also in the business, leave the temple we pay, is not easy because the year without a break, the New Year, how have the string of relatives, they sacrificed time, really feel very touched.
mutual understanding and gratitude is the most real, the Wang brothers firm, said: In order to do a festive dinner, is the work lost,Longchamp handbags will be the ultimate in higher, but also make festive dinner do.
road, reunion dinner, it as in their own homes,This wonderful hunting bag can quickly hold enough, relatives and friends together in the temple, these are the master invited guests, it must do it well,Longchampcertainly support them carry every thing, the temple is a large family, guests are coming must do a good job, keep you satisfied. the
master to the Daliao care
reach the bowl of the reunion dinner, when, in the face of a table full of colorful dishes, the intentions behind the pay, but it is the world priceless.
Longquan Temple in the New Year, the combination of a number of good and the beautiful heart,sac longchamp pliage, and we each devoted their service to others, not only the environment clean, the mind is clean. in the new year, each other to spur gets better and better and better life than the life.
thousand words, the only reported Vaughn.
, Attached: Video Daliao day
Longquan Temple ; Chinese New Year get-together party IMPORTANT NOTE: guard against false winning information on the Spring Festival Activities: Year of the Rabbit Collector's Edition of small waves you to come! Longquan Temple Spring Festival Celebration
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