There was a place I would like to take root

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There was a place I would like to take root

Postby jacky8554 » Tue Mar 13, 2012 1:37 pm

, This time to the familiar and unfamiliar, think of some stories. Among them, there are skylark, skylark is one of the many girls I encountered after graduation, the song sounds good, this is her story, our story. the


In fact, to say exactly when I did not graduate encountered a lark, she later told me, but I do remember that such a woman so image of a missed period. the

the last semester of my senior, and various cities in the country to run around looking for a job, looking for internships. Probably in April 2009, in a small city (which we call X city) in magazine to find an internship, low wages, the job is to write the story of the crazy man Maid. Rent a room in the west, it is a place like resettlement area, many old houses, two layers of cement houses, rows of the middle of the house, a concrete road has long been bumpy cement on both sides of the road there are some regular stores, small restaurant, hair salon, in the courtyard in front of the room I rented, there is one.

I like to write things, the college will write poems to write the story have been aware of some small girls happy. But in practice, need to write some of the sour old-fashioned love story, made me feel very boring, so every time I have with the emotional home from work. Met lark day is good weather, the way back through the rows of the house, the evening sun through the gap between the house and the house hit her, has become far more warm and grievances in the office by which strands of sunlight gradually vanish.

I passed in front of the salon when the yard, I heard faint a voice shouting: woman (say lark I describe very vicious, but accurate) to stand there and smiled at me, and then shouting: glasses brother, come sit. a mode: heavy make-up woman is a bad woman. I turned around angrily, into the yard.

This is my first time I saw a lark, every time you go back from work, I can be around the salon, and occasionally also see seems to be the figure of the woman who called my glasses, but then did not hear her call me. Until six months later. The lark's song

practice time is not long, I'll go back to school to apply for graduation procedures, the magazine that things will I quit. Back to school after graduation madness, debauchery, then, is parting.

graduation, I returned home, although teacher professional, but do not want to do the teachers, but my Chinese professional nor useless in this small town in the home. Stay at home for a period of time, it is restless, drag a package came to the city of the X University several students home X City after graduation, came back, I was a love friends, came running.
to a city after X, introduced by a friend in a local newspaper to find an editing internship experience in the magazine, was arranged to be responsible for the emotional part.

was the October National Day has just passed the newspaper to new colleagues warbler (I will write about her) and warbler story in the evening about KTV singing in the city center to welcome the new colleagues.

I to the next day's column, go a bit late. After the finished manuscript, panic and went to the KTV find her box in front of one holding a large bunch, or a large group of balloons a way. From the side to the late, some anxious, wanted to squeeze past.

My girl a balloon to the racking. The sharp voice is quiet, I do not feel surrounding those macabre song. We are, as I dare not speak, do not know how to do it, girl, looks like is scared silly. After a long while, I can only walk:

I completely panicked out, I am most worried that the girl did not speak, and then is afraid of a girl crying. Then I said a special silly words:

, or else I can help you to blow up balloons. I'll be there and the girl with blow up balloons. Finally, a full house of colorful balloons, the girl finally smiled.

after blowing finished balloon, the girl and I said:

she sang Fled is that music still linger in my ears, the sound of a special flavor and the taste of tea is not the same, but I can not find the right words to describe. This song always printed in my heart.

girl, is a lark, it is not that heavy make-up of a woman's shadow.

home the fled girl

to see the lark in the KTV, her KTV waiter, sometimes accompany the guests to sing. Balloon bombing, we know, every time you go to KTV, I find the lark came together to sing. We became familiar with, become friends, she also told me her story. the

lark 20 years old that year after graduating from high school out of things, a variety of work to do,Louis Vuitton Handbags, to earn money to feed themselves on the line. Began when she and I say these, I am old-fashioned children from poor families certainly performed well, able to continue studying for brother and sister out to work. Later I learned that I was wrong.

day, at a tea restaurant called confession, I sat on the opposite side of the lark, and listen to her own.

boring, and no longer continue. and people to deliver meals to me. However, after graduation at home, lie down for a while or special boring to flee their homes. people who know them, but in front of this girl is really to say.

the story.

year the salon the sister

in I suddenly remembered one thing, the first time I saw you wanted and you said No, I to X city has been living in the east, west of the city have rarely been, except to go to the Best Western there to participate in the meeting, the two seem to. I have seen is probably the last 45 months or so, when I do a salon girl in the West district, west of there. that, I have forgotten my internship there. the people ah, ha ha. out An enchanting and charming salon girl, an ordinary girl sitting in front of me quietly telling stories, I stared at the Lark, long time no speak. Lark looked at me, grinning eyes as if to keep asking me, do not remember, do not remember?

although I do not want to admit, the lark is indeed a woman, it can be said is the girl, she said she was just intentionally dressed up as the shop is one of the sisters she knew, she was just having fun. lark

said, she sometimes guests robbing guests to wash your hair, and some guests will be hands and feet, it is because of this, she did not leave.

that is probably in June, the weather gradually warm salon girl's skirt is short, the fabric of the body is less and less the weather heats up some of the guests frantically to the street salon in the run. One day the lark still standing at the door, looked past a pious men, which occasionally move a slecting from shouting a handsome guy. Encountered a 30-year-old man with short hair, wearing a white shirt and slacks.

Lark said: the

cut ~ Skylark despise me, continue to speak.

man into the store to wash your hair, and pointing to the lark said: very little to help wash your hair. the beginning of the

, fairly honest man,Burberry Watches, but for a while, lark decided the man's hand is always intentionally or unintentionally met his legs. However, many may be so mooch, lark will put up with forbearance. But the lark did not expect, that man is insatiable, and even direct handle on the lark's leg started to rub. The beginning of the lark to hide hide, but because of the shampoo, can not hide away, the man or wantonly doing little tricks.


still continue robbing, Lark calmly hand took the nozzle, tried in the side of the water temperature, spray it directly into the forehead of the man, then the whole street could hear a man kill the pig to cry.

and then did not then, and the lark never been to the salon.

five of my the wood

and lark more and more familiar, more and more time to be together, eat together,Louis Vuitton Online Shopping, sing together, shopping together, have in hand have embrace, and even she gave me a walk 418 steps behind her back, she said, the 418 is her birthday, she likes this figure. But we do not have to declare the other party.

I admit that their own psychological make life difficult for some threshold, for example, the experience of the salon girl, for example, she just graduated from high school, and I am undergraduate. Many a time I said: We are all in their own hands and trying to live in this seemingly noisy actually run around in the dead of the city.

April 18, 2010, the lark's birthday. That lark call and I said, invited me and several of her friends to dinner at night, wear handsome.

after work, rush to the hotel agreed early some, the skylark not to the presence of many people I first met, they sat in the corner playing cell phone.

are playing vigorously, the phone is siphoned looked up lark wearing a red sweater standing in front of me, his face a smile, the phone hidden behind, looked at me.

I can think of that smile, and her singing has been deeply imprinted in my heart, sweet and beautiful, I can not find those gorgeous some flattering words to describe but in my heart.

birthday party began, a table of people sit down, and all occasions, began to introduce themselves to introduce a friend. I sat on the left side of the lark, the lark did not let me first say, saying it was the end she introduced himself.

Luyue, Qi Fan, Lu Dandan Li Yue, Li Yuanyuan, TAN Xiao month, Zhu Heng ...... string of names, the circle to me, I did not remember a few.

I just want to speak lark took my stand up: I have not reflected over a table of applause rang. Looked at Lark face of happiness, I smiled and pay tribute to the people on the table - and smile. That moment, my heart all the threshold seems to have disappeared, and I only know that my right girl, and now my girlfriend. night

, I see the lark, has been a smile, very happy, I do not know enough so good.

evening meal over and over song lark sing, drink more scattered when she has some nonsense. I bid farewell to her friends, and then escorted her to come to the roadside ready to taxi to take her to go.


I take up the lark, she is not heavy, 163cm, less than 100 kg of little children. We walked towards the lark live tooth sub down the road.

the Today, I say you are my boyfriend when, in fact, I worry about you were not. I am sure you will not be denied. I just got off the home has been little lark, but I flew tired, want to take a break, so I found you. wooden, you are the only thing I can feel at ease and rest above the tree, you my wood. the lark back

, came even breathing.

[To be continued ...】
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