Chanel Coco Elderly bear the downstairs restaurant

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Chanel Coco Elderly bear the downstairs restaurant

Postby vT8Jh3xh » Wed Feb 29, 2012 12:36 pm

reporter Liu Huinan ) 78 - year-old woman Lee , doing affair because of dissatisfaction with the Shabu-Shabu Hall downstairs interference apt their own lives , so constantly broke plus even developed into throwing feces apt the snack landlords plus guests Recently ,Chanel Denim Handbags, Chongwen courts succeed within resolving this cause a greater shock in the local neighborhood squabbles
accuser Shabu Museum employer prosecution , the defendant Laotai lived among Shabu-Shabu Museum upstairs . Last annual from April apt May of this anniversary Laotai repeatedly devastated the outside ingredient of the Shabu Hall air-conditioning plus poured into the stool from the cafeteria by the vents to the interior . June 13 this year Laotai into the chess room within the restaurant apt the accuser plus the visitors who poured feces , resulting amid the chess suite for of the stench closed down a week, the direct economy losses of 3500 yuan . June 15 , Laotai and rise accuser snack dome tore up a tremendous zone of the ceiling waterproofing floor afterward coincides with the main cumbersome rain guiding to the cafeteria district of ​​leakage . Both sides during the conflict the police three times out of the police behave on-site mediation ,Burberry Wristlets 57_2883,Chanel Coco, the local vicinity has anew come along to coordinate merely with mini success .
Chongwen Court approved the case , the trial resolve did not rush to this court,merely multi- visited witnesses apt the cafeteria on-site investigation . Since afterward the judge anew interviewed the parties . In the conversation Laotai said cafeteria exhaust fumes clamor generated has been seriously interfere with their everyday alive splashed urine , torn linoleum impartial as a moment furious As long as the cafeteria does never interfere with her ​​life ,Chanel Shopping Bags, she would never do such a thing . The judges Laotai the behavior of the commentary apt persuade her to solve the problem from the appropriate aisles The decide in the meantime apt persuade the cafeteria operator apt be wary never apt agitating Finally,Chanel Cambon Bags Outlet,True Religion Skinny Jeans Womens Friends called on the 12 million grand prize w,among a enormous digit of patient and careful work of the decide the accuser applies to recede.
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