We attended the funeral

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We attended the funeral

Postby z2e5y9nr0h » Tue Feb 28, 2012 11:41 pm

Original address: give 45-year-old female friend 30 fine words: Samuume
30 fine words of the 45-year-old female friend

; qq space from a friends collection, very exciting, and very practical, tell us in this age of short voice of a woman, now for the 45-year-old female friends to see, because no matter how happy a woman's heart, the sediment of all the pain. happy is the man to pain is no different but it is this happiness and suffering before allowing a woman to have a more perfect life. As the novelist Eileen Chang , a woman, no matter how extraordinary talent, beauty, lack of moisture of emotion, after all, is a self-opening since the defeat of the Wild Rose. a difficult to make a woman more difficult in this competitive world, women only own love yourself, people will love the

a, savings the friendship
reliable friendship is life most warm one coat. rely on to build your character and temperament, in this age we must take better care of it so far, not a few strokes, then, from now on heart storage is not too late

Second, learn to let go
this age does not allow you immature, some kind of edge when you are unable to grasp the fate of some kind of love learn to let go of a certain reality, a new beginning to their physical and mental, as long as the confidence, courage; efforts at success.

three sowing good
to be doing all their best things, so bitter, difficult than you feel the sunshine and beautiful in this world than you this kind are often sown, unexpectedly, bears flowers of the most beautiful flower of humanity.

four, understand music
fight for the Society of an instrument, it washing your body and mind will open up your memory and imagination, the whole heart into, and bring you the Yi Xiangdao quiet. photography, collections ... MSG in them days, bit by bit, let us With the taste of life.

five, to avoid the two the bitter
world there are two bitter, first, not the pain, love the pain you put the effort under the premise, all, think of gambling as a victory, frankly; invincible lightly. Fortunately, this age also have some capital that we can stage a comeback; the world 's most bitter at this time there are such feelings, then you have real degrees to master, do not mess love is love is a pain, the other is sweet
six Institute of afford to
some things need to quietly forgotten after time, on a long time wisdom; some pain and trouble to bear in silence; Lilian; rich time if, like screaming, like a child, burst into tears, not in this age group should do.

seven retain grateful heart
We attended the funeral, there is always filled with some emotion; When recovering from illness, there will always be worth of treasure. must always retained a grateful heart, it will not only allow you to take pity on a sand a stone, a grass one, will let you indifferent to some kind of invisible pressure, soothe your desire and battle, more often, there are some happy feelings also tend to come from here.

, love the work
although it is by no means tea, chatting as pleasant, but it is a test of our wisdom and ability, we reflect the value and achievements necessary for one kind of content must be all about lovin 'it, it allows you to most of their lives something to do, something to eat.

nine good at to learn
reading and learning and wisdom to chat, at least annually to read 50 books, it not only guarantees your memory, perception force. you some ideas from some insights from this and Medical stupid, but also long-term This is yoga for beauty can not be achieved, why not keep your personal charm.

ten, enjoy the sport
; Many people think that the fat you're ugly ... So, desperately dieting to lose weight, at the knife in the face ... the most of your time and their wasted in such circumstances, it is better to enjoy sports and enjoy nature. your weight will not rise due to laziness, your appearance will not be reduced with age, but vivid. you live in a way to save your youth, your happiness, your health savings friendship

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Postby Salleylypehes » Wed Feb 29, 2012 4:54 am

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