In September 1, 1965

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In September 1, 1965

Postby jacky8554 » Sun Feb 19, 2012 1:25 pm

, I went into the fourth .I and one thousand eight hundred boys together, standing in the spacious playground ,listening to the president in a speech on the opening ceremony .It was a sunny day .The female schoolmaster voice speaking like a grand ,ask the answer ,often questioning voice did not fall, the voice that answers already ,the big momentum ,it can be used in the \independent Yang new order ,a total of 1000 camp called\ Military Poems to describe it . 4 is located in Beijing City, not far from the front gate is the famous Xishiku cathedral ;back across the street from Lin Biao house .On both sides of the road can be through downtown Changan avenue .In my school ,in more than sixty years of history ,has always been to the quality of education .The \ before 4 years ,college entrance rate of school remained at more than ninety percent ,enter 4, equal to enter universities have already won ,therefore ,the school became a boys competing goals, it is natural to .It is equally natural ,the winner in a considerable part of government officials ,and some are after the founding fathers .In my class ,Vice Minister of the government cadres at and above accounted for more than twenty percent children ,needless to say the position slightly lower .The new president has gray hair, on qualifications can be the president of the University, she became largely to take care of \our children. \.Although in many hard-working civilian children ,but the children of cadres because of the number and influence ,not leading the school spirit . in my deep memory of classmates ,F is one of them .He was at the opening ceremony that day for only one person, his father was the committee member of the political bureau .F is very tall ,dressed casually, riding a \Dove \ bicycles ,never care ,body scar countless ,ride away rapidly .He has a face for playing often sweating ,do not wash ;and a hanging behind the buttocks to the same dirty washing bag .Only when the teacher asked a question in class ,he was showing humility and silent character ,other time is always in said ,laughing . I and F are not only students ,or Junior Amateur Sports School basketball team ,department for a long time, just like him .He is very arrogant ,but do not cross ,reckless is very naive ;calculate a person -- not ,friends are also very generous .Each finished ball hungry ,you want a baked potato and no money, always F negative charge, also do not say thank you .He loves playing tricks on others is often made fun of by others ,no matter who ,always laugh ,never mind .His classmates, the nickname is \F fool \,is on the .\ Fool \happy ,happy ,but he later encounters but let him not easy to laugh . with me and F are relatively recent is Zhang Xiaoxiang .Maybe because the door later, he is Takeo gallant figure ,slightly bent back ,go like the wind .Two eyebrows at the end of each screw into an upward spiral ,a face would suddenly become wonderful .His glasses are often fall down ,love from the lens over the people ,distress and quickly push up ,let the wrinkled his nose to hold it .He also loves to show off ,great strength ,often take sb ,suddenly forced hold someone ,mouth Oh people ,until the other person who only slowly .Win ,he is rubbing his hands ,a grin .Once he finally met a fierce ,shouting ,Zhang Xiaoxiang immediately bewildered ,side quickly pushed the glasses ,a catch to all people around trying to explain .It is pointed out that he should be apologizing ,he threw back his head angrily thought, finally said :I apologize .Another time, someone deliberately hid his glasses ,he strongly pinched by a young woman ... ... Xiao Xiang classmates is the most polite one ,see others parents always tiny bow waist, respectfully called \ Uncle \and \ \.He is my mother is very fond of children .Xiao Xiang good reading ,\Africa \insider \,rise and fall of the Third Reich \,he is the first to read .If he is still alive ,writing is good . classmates I admire the most ,is G .He was handsome pull ,act vigorously, the easy manner without knowing it ,gucci watches,the elegant beauty of youth is imp .His cheeks when young fresh as a rose, usually silent, smile very brilliant .Listen to others, eyes focused, head slightly side ,reminiscent of the crane as orphaned clean .People remain humble gentle ,never talk about yourself .The adult ,more quiet and calm .Perhaps because of his nature calm tranquil ,seeing the world as in chess ,winning can brush aside with a smile ,so in men and things is also a romantic capital without romantic miracle .He study hard ,to medical research for the lifetime of the stick ,is the most appropriate choice .Once the understanding of his home in the \ change ,will understand his choice of medicine and avoid political sad heart .With his qualifications noble, any tolerant society should he remain aloof from the world of space ,but he just couldn be in ,want to his hatred and frustration .Among the many children of cadres ,he is one of the few self-knowledge . war, not between life and death in the tragic story .Especially in power after the war ,most of the participants in high .This makes their children in the glory and power two aspects have been very satisfied, have great sense of superiority .They are mostly parents feel proud to natural performance ,the revolutionaries ,think of noble descent ,ideological purity ,indeed when the national responsibility ,warmly for brilliant performance .Their character ,paranoia ,Frank to the most arrogant overbearing ,sometimes very naive .Because the society is known but the life too idealistic ,day was revolutionary dreams and did not know what the revolution ,to the pursuit of truth sincerely advocates of ignorance .In life became very difficult for the good of others friends everywhere ,even enemies .These are born around 1949 boys ,too young and didn in their painful when comparing, in fact no choice not thought possible ,their behavior is that they just can do .On the other hand ,in China a such traditional personal freedom is defined as a small society, their honor gains and losses are associated with their family ,which makes their own destiny with \leading edge has been set \fatalistic flavor, but not escape .In this sense ,I was also among them those who truly lofty aspirations and finally not stretch the shame .Three of my classmates are good examples .But at the time ,this vibrant ,blind self-confidence, deep provocative and dangerous power ,it is urgent to need .Their mission is to destroy .To accomplish this mission, they still need three conditions :loyalty ,rebellion and hatred . 1965, \cult of personality \has existed in China ,in a large ,especially middle school campus .I remember ,when large song and dance drama \East is red \the curtain ,hundreds of holding a golden sunflower blue skirt girl component wave modeling, looked up in the sky the rising of Mao Zedong .The performance lasted three hours and at the end ,the Great Hall of the people in the tens of thousands of audience was as thunder . but at the time of the young students ,loyalty to Chairman Mao more for the performance of Mao Zedong youth directly imitate .Mao Zedong little ambition .In his youth activities can be used \reading \and \ \ . in four campus walk of a large number of such students .Most of them were shaved head ,arm with books ,dress is very simple .New clothes when hit a patch ,one even in winter also did not wear socks ,shoes are toe top and a hole is not to repair .At dusk ,the campus is full of the crowd by twos and threes ,or run around the stadium ,or in the sunset loud debate ,often struggle to flush with shame and refuse to give up .Some of them can recite whole sections of Marx ,Lenin ,openings will copiously quote authoritative works ,for the benefit of eloquence .During the storm ,the sky by water between see running callsign figure, or in the tenrai core during walk .Three meals a day ,with aluminum lunch boxes filled with simple food ,eat and talk ,clothing color diet is hard to see the difference of grade . as part of ideological education ,we told ,love has a class ,class ,is to distinguish between love and hate the ultimate limits .Relationship between blood dear is no exception .Love love love party ,leader ,one of their own .However ,in a class society ,\one of us\ is a variable ,so ,today Qiu yesterday love that always happens ,the only constant is the leader love .Since love is temporary ,local ,specific ,not universal ,so hate is long-term ,comprehensive ,universal .Love is poison ,love is fallen ,humanity is false .Hatred represent justice noble and a sense of security .In a large population and especially crowded country, with a hatred as the torch transmission, it is not difficult to imagine .Among the children is so .I saw two students due to disputes and by mouth ,wherein a yell: is this your class revenge !Another strength was immediately .This spell magic words from a general son mouth, while the other one professor of non party . \ ,frost blade has never tried .\An exercise loyalty ,rebel and hatred of the sword in the romantic ideal in the convent is cast ,the young men of flesh and blood ,from which the day is not far off . I was cast into the blade ,but unable to hold oneself back . two but I realized that I was not to be trusted is in a writing class, I was called to the front of the head teacher ,her fingers to pick up my composition book says :your father is not a member of the Communist party . I from primary school to middle school is read seriously children ,grades or ,teachers and students ,both praise ,some pretentious .With very tall ,it does not become ,play basketball well ,began to attract sb. .Family since childhood good food ,no worries ,only some romance under the sun and sigh ,really is \the young do not sorrow taste \.The parents ,think they are of course the Communist Party member, so it would be sunny all thunder .In fact, even if the same situation ,others may not see very heavy ,was confused me, is my own growing vanity . year 4, the best is not necessarily the children of cadres .They can be great ,but is often gathered together to talk about is not known to outsiders for military events ,or in the field after the holidays rides on the back of an export or import bike .Especially the weekend after class, teacher will be announced: the children of cadres of students leaving the meeting .The other students walked out ,they will pay no heed to sit down to talk ,after a solemn expression out of the classroom .I was very envious of them, in contrast to consciously not weak ,therefore more stimulus I want to be one of them .The kids in the middle made artificially divide hierarchy ,boring funny, cause I grew up on in disgust .Its harm also affect these children of cadres, especially in their own transition time .Aside from the talk about boys ,vanity ,superficial this is commonplace, not for the age limit .When older ,mental involute ,always getting out, people also mature, is found on the beach Empty Conch ,available memory and then smile .But at that time ,I was too deeply hurt . parents have never told it to me ,cause I think they are communists .Originally very natural ,I also small ,but also did not encounter the parents to express things to their children .If the teacher a solution of children ,not even speak ,should advance with talk to my parents ,but she was not done . is every day ,I can her glasses behind the eyes .She never laughed ,expression is always at the same time has a double meaning: blame and forgiveness .Her age is unknown ,said she was thirty-five or fifty-five years old can be, just can her was a girl .Her habit of carrying a small notebook ,and when someone is talking to open a look ,and immediately closed .Another is the she thinks you are wrong and you want to argue give you an express volumes smile ,you have to shut your mouth .Little does she teach, is a full-time teacher .We know of her only :1957 \Anti-Rightist \\line of join or be admitted to the party \,the husband is very large army officer . she said to me :\your father was not a communist .However ,you do not back the family burden .You study hard ,good results .However ,be not proud .Pay attention to overcoming petty bourgeoisie vacillation .Leadership and trust you .\ at that time, \the family burden \is a euphemism for parents with political issues .Not proud of you proud she is not satisfied with you .Also said to trust you that you have reason not to be trusted .All of this, for having heard it many times .And I in her express volumes smile before, not even thought of argument ,not even thought to ask what ,is forced to nod .Ashamed of my rub powder extract ,from her fingers as flowing sand .The only thing I think of is how to regain her confidence ,even for her last patted me on the shoulder grateful inexplicable .I hurried to retrieve the composition book ,in the place where there are no people tore up the whole composition .My vanity even more than what is vanity ,experienced as a spur ,double grows up .Zhang know this . for that matter ,Zhang went to my home again .She and her mother talk clearly not amused .She then said :and so it is .His mother nodded faintly .Later, mother calmly said to me :\your dad wanted to be members of the Communist Party ,he is not ,is not wrong .We did not say to you ,because you are small .Large, naturally understand .\Although she felt the situation concussion ,still not to reveal the truth .She is always calm and touch comfort me ,\the family burden \ still a shadow whisk away .This happened in the early spring of 1966 . to May :fun time, her mother has suddenly called me to him .I do not see the father has for a long time .He went to the countryside to \Siqing\ a year ,returned a changed man ,and thin black .I get 4, he is very happy ,bought the pen as a gift ,and in my diary to write the words of encouragement .Not long ago ,he and many people work together to learn ,to live in a place called the Institute of socialism .The mother picked up a bag of clothes and food ,hesitated to say: \ you go and check .Give that to him .Tell him ,the problem with the organization clearly .To believe that the party ,.You come back I .\Mother was sick at home, she was ill with heart disease for ten years .I nodded . I couldn how he rode a mind like Willow Street ,sun scenery as fuzzy .My aching limbs ,eyes are itching ,ever a mother the problem with the organization clearly .-- Zhang words is not without foundation .Father did have a problem .What is the problem ? I suddenly understood :tomorrow will never be the same .Like a child raised money jar ,\bang\ smithereens ,a roll of coins . Institute of socialism is a building ,I was in front of the lodge met father .Rather than just came back from the countryside ,he has drawn many .My mother words to convey to him, probably made him very embarrassed ,his calm face ,long said :\tell your mama ,my question has to the organization, explained .I have no new problems .I believe that the party .You should take care of my mother .Sister? You should study hard .\We Chinese have the habit of hugging ,leaving the swaddling clothes ,except my father beat me ,no contact with his hand .I wish I was hugged him . in the father after the spring night ,I learned from the mother ,the father in 1939 when nineteen years old, participated in the kmt .This is an adult conversation ,mother and I lights recited scene has become distant .Her mother explained ,father in the Kuomintang ,completely out of * * after the outbreak of war Patriotic fervor .The Kuomintang is the party in power .From the southeastern coastal father had not even heard of the Communist party .She once said to me after the Anti-Japanese War against Kuomintang corruption through later said: \ tissue have got a conclusion .This is the history ,you have not experienced ,not easy to understand .To tell you today ,I hope you can understand .\I believe that mother, unwilling to accept the fact . I began to hate my father . three late spring of 1966 ,the political situation in Beijing wind cloud urgently .Beijing female students open letter in the Party Central Committee ,calls for the abolition of the college entrance examination system ;in the other schools triggered fierce debate .The posters began to appear on campus, principals was disturbed ,the normal teaching order has been difficult to maintain .One May afternoon, one for senior cadres dedicated the red flag to we are practiced Shichahai stadium ,pick up F and he also in the fourth school ,with the vehicle to Secretary said ,is to the airport to greet the visiting from Romania back to his father .But the very next day ,F resigned from the Communist Youth League branch secretary of the office of class . face students rising revolutionary sentiments ,President Liu Shaoji and the Party General Secretary Deng Xiaoping that appeared 1957 \rightist\ attack situation ;ordered to large ,expedite a working group in the school ,stabilize the situation .It was as far away as Hangzhou West Lake fishing Mao Zedong .But in Mao Zedong after returning to Beijing ,immediately ordered the removal of the working group .Mao Zedong as early as 1965 that decide to break the existing state machine .In Liu ,Deng ,several people at first ,a breakthrough in education and culture .In this period ,according to Liu ,Deng prevent movement expanded instruction ,many middle school students were transported to Beijing Suburb People labor ,but not on the situation in Beijing know nothing at all .The fourth is in . in Mao Zedong suddenly returned to Beijing in July 18th ,we received a give up their original plan immediately back to the city .The order directly from Mao Zedong himself . July 29th, hundreds of thousands of large and medium-sized school students to Beijing city urgently .Is hot ,we in Changping to Beijing highway going for ,like trapped birds appear, song unceasingly .PM back 4, I and some classmates as a class representative ,wearing shorts and vest ,hot sweat unwashed ,was pushed on the car ,to the Great Hall of the people ,the rush . the front has been suspended .Room full of people ,full of youth .Then know that central leader to speak .In order to Deng Xiaoping ,Zhou Enlai ,Liu Shaoji sequence ,before and after the start .Liu Shaoji said in his speech :\how to undertake the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution ,you do not know ,do not know ,you ask how I our revolution leather, honest answer you ,I do not know .... ... Some mistakes are corrected ,making mistakes and correct ,will revolution .\He is telling the truth .In Liu words about half ,in perfect silence in suddenly the lights bright .Then ,Mao Zedong one since walking out backstage .Due to shock, the temporary silence, the crowd cheers to deafen the ear with its roar quickly spread, finally boiling .Mao Zedong slowly walk ;his right hand raised, fast and very gently waved ,and then slowly smile .At such close range to see Mao Zedong I ,when I was second .The first is a one nine * * years Spring Festival evening party ,at the same venue .The opera \fish kill \is sung benefits ,the audience of thousands ,listened attentively ,the actor suddenly run downward ,then the zenith million light and bright -- Mao Zedong appeared on the stage .Later ,Zhou Enlai personally in command, Eastern boys sing \the East is red \and \sea voyage relies on the helmsman \.Their right arm is soon to appear piece is also a red armband .The night wind is mighty, home curtains fluttering to fly .I said to my mother :\I saw chairman mao .\The mother raised his eyebrows said: \see Chairman Mao ,how can you be so calm ?\ father was at home in the night ,the streets of Beijing has been covered with the red guards .In August 1st, Mao Zedong personally wrote to was announced as \* * * \and was forcibly dissolved the Tsinghua University attached middle school of red guards ,said he was \warm support \.The organization declared :\they will stick to ,significant magical powers ,Shi mana ,the old world one upside down, make a person back Mafan ,called petals drop and waters flow. ,played a mess ,the bravery !\In August 18th,louis vuitton outlets, Mao Zedong suddenly put on was cancelled after the military rank ,appear on the Tiananmen rostrum, in millions of adolescents cheers wearing red red armbands ,readily become the supreme commander of the red guards .Lin Biao in the speech to call the Red Guards \broken all exploiting classes of old ideas ,old customs ,old culture ,old habits \.The long fuse finally burning to the end, explosions ,jade and stone burned together . I don when is the Fourth Red Guards set up .The organization of the first characteristic is that blood purity ,many parents level is not high enough cadres were shut sb .I see Zhang Xiaoxiang again and the class of the red guards ,is in a class meeting .Overnight, they all put on a yellow uniform ,waist line wide band ,shiny copper buckle .They sat alone ,he has been wrong, occasionally with an impatient finger ball desk ,would seem to pay no heed to look bright scarlet silk arm of the armband ,above a black or yellow silk embroidered :the red guards .And we distinguish it from .F of course is not the red guards, he was out of the house ,parents disappear without a trace ,into the low bungalow in a school .Because of the nature ,he still looks happy .The disease and L .He is taller than we are a class, but also on the basketball team .He lived in the teaching building is the original storing brooms cleaning room . class red guards take the first revolutionary action ,is the teacher to the desk stand ,they are constantly with the fist and the belt on desk at the same time ,forcing the pander to their teacher. \ Look down from a height \to answer all kinds of humiliating question .By hatred of forging the sword, just give a handle ,blade immediately pointed at her ,I don what to think of all time .At first ,she was able to calmly deal with ,later ,her eyes bright with tears .As the audience, complex mood .A horrified at things change quickly ,hand feel faint heart .Almost all of the above teacher are subject to shocks ,campus crowd around, excited to argue or abuse ,violence events begin to happen .The classroom door is opened, there is always the teacher was introduced to the corners of the mouth ,or bleeding ,or hair was shaved off half ;glasses knocked into pieces ,chest hanging name major suit ,drew fork ,like a red notice .Old headmistress was forced to \ask the answer \and \all the answers ,\silver hair in the August sun continuously line ,sweat in the underground become a wet ,answered her lips trembling said :\you are all my children ... ... \ four late one night ,I woke up with a start ,the gate was an angry vocals and violent hammering .-- in a red guard during the operation, a living in the yard of a revolutionary martyr ,was referred to as \gangsters \,and was the raid .The martyr by the red guards with a bayonet gash .It is also the red guards martyrs son got the news immediately after the University of aggregation of red guards ,surrounded the house .Two fan made in Qing Dynasty red gates after midnight is the gatekeeper lock ,to prevent accidents ,human life was torn down, at the same time ,hundreds of red guards on the ailing door rushed in ,they searched through the portrait of \class enemies \.The martyr son idly stood with folded arms ,surrounded by prayers and ;other people, men and women, shaking flashlight ,with belt ,for all residents angry voice asked ,children were not spared .One student with glasses ,a bayonet ,hoarse voice to ,like a red-hot iron side to \blood for blood \.They are strong believers in the finished playing ,judge and executioner three roles ,before dawn was gone ,everywhere . father was marched into the yard, I was standing in the doorway of the crowd .Wearing a red armband was present ,what ,is to have guessed .Knowing is the pale or more pale ,he looks like a shadow ,and many other shadow go together . this yard west wing ,mostly live is known artist .Afternoon ,I and the other children had in their respective top post insulting poetic couplet ,words are written by me ,in order to meet their parents .Criticism will be held in residential building behind ,his father and other people standing behind the window injective to light the light, a row of bent over .Not long ago, working with them, the workers began to criticize them ,from political issues have been asked to smoke cigarettes in the order of their .Father name to be called when, his head even lower .His title is \the history of molecular ,* * * ,slipping right \.The crowd \down \ .I cried ,I heard his voice ,great . the situation as if in a dream .Red armbands someone call my name .I in all the eyes go up .I don what I said ,just remember my father gave me a glance ,I use a hand on his shoulder and pushed it ,I don push me to have multiple ,about not too heavy, but I pushed my father .I always remember the hand on his shoulder that moment of feeling ,he seems to hide it, finally did escape, waist more bent over .Around his eyes are hot ,I cannot avoid ,just shout oneself hoarse saying something, I suddenly felt that I now love this stranger ,I was trying to push him found the Majesty turned out to be very weak one ,seems at this time he has become a real father .If I were a little more ,may realize to the thing is when a play to play ,so ,I will feel much better ,but I was only fourteen years old .However ,at the age of fourteen years, I have learned to betray your own father ,how is this going ?I am strong tears into the throat ,very salty ,where it comes from ?It wants to prove what? I am also very strange ,when a child to his father and one point one points up ,hear still laugh ,this is a what kind of people ? I halfway back again .Mother lying in bed in the dark ,his lips ,as if a knife on her neck .She gently said to me :you go . that night ,I first time and I have betrayed father lying in the same roof the .Until the very next day morning ,he didn say anything to me ,I am afraid to see him, his eyes flashing, is also afraid to see me .I couldn mother in the bedroom to what he said ,then put out the light . Zhang Xiaoxiang them into the inside when, about nine o .Unusually ,they put the bike in the yard at the other side of the wall ,then walk to .Several of them ,the past is often ,especially Zhang Xiaoxiang .He will put the bike parked in front of my house ,and call my name out loud .After I push on the bicycle ,on the streets of Beijing slowly cycling ,as boundless as the sea and sky in conversation ,even if not a problem .He also gives me a such as \climb \or \the catcher in the Rye \books ,clip on bicycle .I looked out the window when ,very bright ,probably because last night Yu Ji ,a new fine sunny skies, interior lining in some dark ,even they came to see .A total of seven or eight, are my classmates .Can said to me :\Kaige Chen ,the red guards to copy your home .\I want to say something, but said nothing . mother sick ,lying in bed .We were asked to leave the house ,grandma helped his mother ,walked slowly to the sun .She was ordered to stand facing the wall . like I want to say what ,finally a word did not say anything . wall is a Qing Dynasty ,smooth as a case .The rain ,the wall immediately dry .The wall only a small piece of peel ,age spots as reminiscent of the old days .My sister and I often do ,one is in front of the wall to play table tennis ,sound as if they hit the jade ;another is in the wall .Wall shallow edge ,students moss, because different and different light green ,opened up a brick ,a worm or a centipede class run, followed by an earthy ,took a deep breath and is overjoyed .It is often in the evening . without too much attention, you can see the snails leaves saliva ,not long ,straight ,the sun a brighter ,from the wall until the eaves top ,there is the shell .Sometimes I jump up ,grab it in the eave edge ,do not fall to the ground already know it is empty,ed hardy shops, -- is not in snail .Then ,I will in the spring or autumn foolishly froze for a long time, mind a while no pain no pain pain ,until being called back ,and soon forgotten . mother wall . he has that almost everyone familiar smile ,laugh very bad ,especially to people embarrassed, the bad smile is bright .I with he does not close, but we have a feel that no hostility ,this is often the case in between boys .He is ordered to the mother station to the wall ,I know why he wants to do .In the process of the raid he even smiled came ,asked me something where ,a book where ,after finding is destroyed or burned, my face .In the middle with him the red guards ,he is later only escapist .His father is a soldier ,protected ,the rank is not high but nothing .His army never dress nicely ,thin ,face paper ,the deer as innocent eyes .He and his name is Mao Zedong ,young beautiful .Zhang Xiaoxiang flashed a shame . they opened the suitcase and wardrobe ,new and old clothes were thrown up ,and then fell to the ground ,left foot past crushed the camphor smell .They torn silk and yarn ,left cloth .They found the mother fifty wear several old pair of shoes ,because the disease -- ,she has only to wear shoes ,-- to cut with ,not with the left broken ,with the cutting knife .After they left, the knife on the ground ,blunt edge like a pattern .They remove furniture ,with iron bars repeated strikes the ground and walls ,only to find that my sister lost years of a barking doll ,she was thrown out ,crashed into a tree ,finally cried .No song porcelain or Yuan Dynasty paintings ,they broke the frame glass ,photos inside the hesitated fell down .Some people even sniffed the grandma hair with oil ,and then put the bottle broke on the stone steps, a courtyard is sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance .They open the locked drawer ,take out a limited cash and bank book, a letter after letter reading parents saved ,more than 10 years of letters between them ,have also have friends ,friends ,read on the floor, are things of the past .They opened a small round box ,with a hammer to knock it flat ,is used inside the paper with my sister and the fetal hair . turn book .Parents are wage earners ,no assets ,money has bought the book ,so that our children and mentally have a wander .Early in the book ,home has two words ,is a \yan .Interline uses red stroke of a line ,the winding to pass through when they were young .Old yellow pages ,like the old face ,mother said :love is loving yourself . all their books ,in addition to Mao Zedong and a few other writers ,have moved out, the tree into a hill ,lit a match .I like those books in a trance ,accompanied me through many evening afternoon just dream ,start from today is the real life . burning books, very quiet .No wind ,hot straight up ,the flame is not too bright ,because the sun .As virtual virtual ground chaos behind the silhouette ,vaguely yellow uniforms and red armbands ,while out of the light, for a moment into dark .The page will be consumed when the flowers open in a dream . mother wall .Wearing thin silk pajamas ,slippers ,embroidered flowers .She sometimes hands prolapse ,sometimes will hand in his chest up ,like singing .The wall ,snails leaves saliva in the noonday shadow clear up .I open the eye to sour ,how long will it take to climb to the top from the wall under the eaves ?The mother had been standing for three hours . I did not think the reasoning or protest ,also did not think of rage or simply life .If so ,would be far worse ?I just stood still there, no memory ,no imagination ,only in front of the fire ,as in a dream of others .I didn as a mother for a chair .-- not against examples .Not long ago ,because the home is medium to be copied and anger of a youth ,fling caution to the winds to lift the kitchen knife ,but is this knife chop into pieces .I am afraid of death ?Is .But the deeper fear is fear never been crowd acceptance .Even after death .She walked past, said :\students ,a mother is ill ,give her a chair .\Zhang Xiaoxiang picks up a chair ,on the wall ,go away .The mother looked, did not sit . I never thought to ask her mother ,when she stood at the wall ,I thought of what ?When the child is still small ,the expectant mother must include a brave ,so ,she was disappointed ? many people around to see ,think about what is written on the face .Sister, his face was wet with tears ,can cry ,grandma hug her .I accidentally saw a flash and satisfactory face ,belonging to another one of my classmates .His mother is a worker ,and my parents in the same studio work, also lived in the same courtyard .His father has been in prison ,don what the crime committed .I suddenly realized that Zhang Xiaoxiang was who called .-- he is not the red guards . fire burn late into the night before it went out .My classmates took away from the clock to the camera
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