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from: Louis Vuitton: Louis Vuitton, referred to the LV, was founded in 1854, fine workmanship and beautiful travel bags, famous the world, including leather products, leather boxes, travel accessories, men's, women's, pens, watches. Hundred and fifty years ago, Louis Vuitton, elegant character, comfortable LV nasal spray Hong Kong in 2004, organized by new product launches, Zhang Ziyi, models a clothing valued at $ 760,000, amounting to six hundred million. In mainland China store, a trolley suitcase priced at more than RMB can buy two hundred if buy ordinary suitcase, bought into the rice, you can buy eight tons.

Montblanc: Mont Blanc, but also translated Mengbang, Mont Blanc, classic the banknote Calligraphists tool synonymous with Mercedes-Benz (Mercedes-Benz), Mark (Mark) were referred to as the German The brand was founded in 1906, the products, including luxury watches, high quality leather goods,Louis Vuitton Outlet, men's fashion accessories, user Eliza Black Queen, President Kennedy, the Pope of Rome and the great writer Ernest Hemingway and other celebrities. The company has a Royal Diamond ink pen set with 4810 diamond pieces, priced at about RMB 1.2 million yuan. Ordinary section of the ball-point pen priced at more than 2,300 yuan, and if to buy the ordinary ball-point pen, you can buy 4000; if the bread, you can buy for 3000. 3

Luo Tesi: Lotos, Universal is the most expensive glasses suppliers, the brand was founded in 1872, products include watches, eyewear and jewelry. The number of glasses sweep of the company's construction by hand, as usual order. The most expensive pair of glasses on the set of 44 diamonds, priced at about € 500,000, or more than 500 million yuan, the buyer is a woman in Switzerland. In addition, there are priced at about 100,000, € 200,000, ranging from high-priced glasses. On the counter in an optical shop in Beijing, the company's products are very popular, the cheapest pair of glasses price commensurate with the 30 24-inch domestic color TV, if not buy into the pork, you can buy more than 7,000 pounds.

4. Bentley: Bentley's, also translated as Bentley, luxury, extravagance and the famous Regal concept car, the Queen of England specified Yu Jia. Bentley cars most people praise its excellent arts and crafts and demanding selection, each car is required at least 400 high-quality leather, or about 15 head of cattle, the required wood from the finest walnut burl. Bentley 728 Extended Edition priced at 8.88 million yuan, 11.88 million yuan, the Ultimate the elegant Mulliner728 Price car ranked first in global sales in China, only the purchase tax is commensurate with a Mercedes-Benz S320, the car Vice manual curtain worth about 170,000 yuan, if the buy ordinary curtains, you can buy rice, to commensurate two Everest; if

is to buy cotton, you can buy for 4000.

Christian Dior: ChristianDior, the French brand, synonymous with beautiful women. Founded in 1946, products in addition to haute couture, haute couture, as well as perfume, furs, scarves, sweaters, underwear, cosmetics, jewelery and shoes, and so on. 2004 Cannes Film Festival, the nasal spray in Hong Kong actress Kelly dressed in CD evening, the only ornaments the

matter the price of nearly two million Hong Kong dollars. The former Spice Girl Victoria had its husband David Beckham to custom the bottle CliveChristian perfume price up to £ 30 000, together nearly 40 million yuan RMB, this bottle of perfume is replaced by bald Qu pure water, you can change the barrel to buy domestic water, you can buy 120,000 cubic meters, enough for a family of three home 300 years.

Gucci (Gucci)

Gucci brand kept the well-known to produce high-end luxury products. shoes, bags, clothing, brand image, status and wealth, which means become a wealthy high society chop funeral darling. Florence construction in the young Guccio Gucci (Guccio Gucci) will be Gucci logo printed on top of those leather products

. As early as in the kitchen of his work at London's luxurious aristocratic hotel (the Ritz), the day saw those rich off carrying a delicate and beautiful travel bag, Gucci decided to return to the homeland of Italy, began building the Gucci logo travel bag box . In 1989, moisturizing Don Mello, Dawn Mello was appointed its vice president and creative guide. Over the years, Gucci struggling to survive and protect luxury and luxury product image, Mei Luojia into, on the one hand, its existing premium brand line of products to maintain the luxury and elegant aristocratic chewing, on the other hand, is committed to the development of new series will be the true feelings of the traditional aristocratic theater elements with contemporary survival combine to make yesterday's luxury glory means the brand to become a In 1994, Tom Ford (Tom Ford) Gucci look. Only 97 spring and summer fashion publication of his works, such as low open-collar asymmetric shape, approximate straight body in the twenties arrived in waist scheme and the application of black fabric, won the essence of haute couture and fashion sense violent since April 1997 Shanghai store opened later, the package of Gucci shoes, but also as women in Shanghai the new darling.

Burberry: Burberry, also translated as Burberry,burberry watches, ballet Burberry, the British-style elegance of a typical representative of the golf course in China's reception of the noble people, can see the classic striped / checkered mark. The brand was founded in 1856, products include clothing, perfumes, furs, scarves, sweaters and shoes, and so on. Twice in 1955 and 1989, respectively to obtain the badge of the British royal family granted the Royal Warrant. In mainland China store, a women's wool coat priced at about two million, with the classic signs of Burberry umbrellas sold for 1,200 yuan, a built specifically for dog dog jacket priced at 2995 yuan , the introduction of the shopping guide, Miss, a dog-breeding winter at least four necessary if the dog jacket, --- tuition fees, commensurate with his life dressed in a Chinese farmer, but now, just a dog a winter clothing costs. classic brand,

Rolex: Rolex, the Swiss watch industry, was founded in 1908, to quiet, practical, not flashy style was well received by the preferences of successful people, the U.S. star Shaquille O'Neal once gave his teammates 24 The nasal spray Hong Kong Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa wrist is also a dignified and elegant Rolex steel table. Britney Spears for their husband to buy a value of £ Rolex watch, together about 80 million yuan RMB. Vietnam last emperor Bao Dai worn Rolex gold watch at auction in Geneva had photographed 342 000 Swiss francs or more than 200 million yuan. Greenwich type II oyster table of Everest for the first one watch, can be regarded as the door of the brand-level production of mouth, priced to buy domestic mid-watch, you can buy more than 400 pieces to buy urea can buy 26 tons.

Versace: Versace, from the Italian brand Versace Versace created a fashion empire, Versace fashion products oozed out of the survival of each of these areas, the Versace brand light plan style, the unique the beauty of the characterization of strong forward art it swept the global. Gianni Versace SpA group is the world's leading international fashion plan hall, over the past decade the most talented planner, one of the Gianni Versace in Milan, founded in 1979, so far, Gianni Versace SpA group is already all over the global Italian luxury mean. Gianni Versace SpA group not only has a lofty status in the international fashion program, and Atelier Versace VERSACE brand in the series, the popular clothing, jewelry, accessories, perfume, cosmetics and furniture and other products, manufacturing, selling to global around, VERSACE fashion and style diffuse derivative to the world. The famous history of the Versace brand is not long, but it is the experience just a decade or two of the products

brand has become a par with Armani, Gucci and Valentino four Italian fashion brands. 10

Cartier: Cartier, a French brand, founded in 1847, the product extremely expensive jewelry and watches, including leather goods, eyewear, banknote Calligraphists tools, cigarette lighters. 150 years, much the delight of the nobility and celebrities, whom King Edward VIII abdication of the Duchess of Windsor, received special programs for dodging the four card

Cartier jewelry gold tray ornaments, this four goldsmiths had exhibited in China, can not be measured, the value of the rock the cheetah squat rounded cutting a 152.35-carat Kashmir sapphire. The wedding of the Prince of Monaco, Princess Grace o Kelly wearing rings, necklaces, and the Crown is full of Cartier's masterpiece. Cartier Asia Camellia platinum necklace, worth about 25 million yuan; >
-shaped emerald, worth about 67 million yuan. Stores in China, a stainless steel key ring priced at 1800 yuan, you can buy half a ton of rib steel. 11

Wei? ** palm rope the creel edgwood, also translated as the Victoria branch Wood, of the finest porcelain in the world, synonymous with taste. Record to make the brand in the eighteenth century, the products subject to successful people and celebrities in global push worked *** Nvsha Huang, Ekaterina II purpose-built tableware, the famous Roman Portland vase is now hiding in the British The naturalist

Museum, and became a British national treasure. 1793 British mission ambassador to China, Wei? ** Palm foot of good socialist color awakened? To one of the gifts of the Qianlong emperor. Good skull Li Wei? ** Palm deer condemned far actinides under the basket plaque rare earth playing downtown rear to Х missing coated tip brew blood in sacrifice pipit Huan the mortar Yu-Di brain to send face lazy J Huan Fa cloth sweat hydroids posthumous vent lick the drop Nao?
to sell the store, a Wei? ** palm foot tour? price of up to a thousand dollars. Former Minister had to buy a set of Wei? ** Palm Krupp branches of a tree 100 Susan Chan pepper catering edge of the car raised ち MCC ǜ chu San hit the branches of a tree whisper Huan in Australia? $ 154 to a RMB about, you can buy 180 electric rice burning. 12

Zegna: Ermenegildo Zegna, the Italian menswear boutique, was founded in 1910, products include suits, sweaters, casual wear and underwear. U.S. choking deceitful system, Bill Clinton, French choke deceitful system Mitterrand, Britain's Prince Charles, Hollywood actor Clark have openly occasions Zegna show. Zegna enter into China in 1991, and now China has become the it the fourth largest global market. For weed penetration, the goods tailor-scheduled ceremony services in a suit priced at 116,000 yuan, only the construction of 50 units per year. Ordinary shirt, over 265 U.S. dollars, the initial purchase of a one to be ordered at least 3. Stores in the Chinese mainland, I had to see a customer once made a dozen shirts, with a total value of nearly $ 40,000, if we buy a roll of toilet paper, you can buy a tube to eat hot pot in Chengdu, Sichuan, you can once again for 2000 people eat.

13. Armani: Armani, the Italian brand, the most elegant senior clothing, the brand was founded in 1975 products, including clothing, perfume, jewelry, watches, cosmetics, home decorating. Since the inception of the brand, almost all of the actress with whom close contact with the Academy Awards, Cannes Film Festival, you can see the carefully planned Armani suit uniforms. In 2005, the brand new series of Privecollection suit, pricing ranges from $ 20 million to 70 million. Giorgio Armani, the flagship brand of its

kept widely successful people push in the stores in the Chinese mainland, including a 43% cotton, 57% blended materials, T-shirts priced at 7900 yuan, commensurate with the wages of Chinese local blue-collar workers throughout the year, if we buy into pencil donor out of school children, you can buy support, with 40 a year, allows a child to spend in 1000.

14. Dunhill: Dunhill, the British brand products, including menswear, leather goods, lighters, pipes, watches, men's jewelry. Picasso, Elvis Presley, Winston Churchill, King Alfonso, Spain, Norway, Duke of Kent, the King of Siam, King of Egypt, the Prince of the Netherlands, catholic, India, the Duke of Windsor have the brand of honest customers. Gordon

Hi Road pipe kept the favorite of celebrities, Price up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Dunhill store in mainland China, a windproof lighters priced at 5750 yuan, you can buy 2,000 pounds of egg, if used to buy tofu, you can buy six tons a day, eat five pounds can make a person eat generals nearly seven years.

15. nasal spray children in Dong Nai: as Chanel, the world's top women, founded in 1913 in Paris, France, including women, perfume, cosmetics, leather goods, watches, jewelry, sunglasses, shoes and all kinds of and other accessories. The famous double C logo crazy world of celebrity, the shops of the Chinese mainland, a Ms. leather priced at close to seventy thousand

, according to eight yuan a night count, a fur coat can make a tramp with no home to return to live in cheap hotel for 22 years; $ 5 a bowl of dollars, this leather you can buy a bowl of beef noodles, enough for a middle-aged labor to eat eight.

16. Ferragamo: Salvatoreferragamo, Italian shoe model. The brand was founded in the twenties of the last century, products, fashion, leather goods, watches, shoes and all kinds of gold ornaments. Ferragamo shoe Arts and Crafts widely acclaimed and won the national celebrity favorite, the reputation of the shoe-making division of the Hollywood star. Madonna, movie star Aodai Li Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, star Michael Jordan, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Princess Diana, England, the Windsors, the Philippines Mrs. Marcos, etc. were all honest fans of the brand. Stores in the Chinese mainland, the pair of Ferragamo shoes priced at more than 5000 yuan, and some have seen a Wenzhou dealers once bought four pairs of shoes of different tactics, the total price of more than two million. If the money to buy into the cheap detergent, you can buy a million bales; buy oranges in October, you can buy more than seven tons.

17. Rafael: Lafite, synonymous with the best French wine. Rafael Fort Medoc sub-region is located in the Bordeaux area, as early in the 18th century into the court of Louis XV Mikimoto, 1855 was named Bordeaux, one of the top wineries, several hundred years, won the national nobility and the preferences of the celebrities. Novel in the bottle of $ 160,000

1787 wines, the bottle body instantly initials of Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States, is one of the most expensive wine in the history. Another bottle of the same engraved have Th.J. tag as Winery red wine production in 1787 Margaux '(Margot), who call out the high price of $ 500,000, due to accidental broken only insurance claim payment, which amounts to 22.5
million of dollars, becoming the most expensive broken bottle. Hotel of the Chinese mainland, Rafael bottle of 1982 red wine priced at $ incorporated into the wage commensurate with the full year of the five Chinese workers, if buy the black wine of extraordinary bulk, you can buy 15 tons of

ten luxury

ten clothing: Tanner? Karan, Louis Vuitton, Chanel,Gucci Purses, Versace, Dior, Gucci, Valentino? Garavani, PRADA, GUESS, George? the Armani

Jewelry: Cartier, Tiffany, of ENZO, Oxette, Boucheron, Bulgari, Mikimoto, Graff, Georgjensen Pomellato

leather : Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Valentino? Garavani, PRADA, George? Armani, Dunhill, Fendi, COACH

top watches: A.langer Jaeger-LeCoultre, Earl, Vacheron Constantin, Rolex, Cartier Asia, Audemars Piguet, IWC, Breguet, Pictet Philippe

car: Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lotus, Bentley, Kay Fond du Lac, Fiat, Audi, Rolls Royce

mansion: mention Arden, Aolun Na factors, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Shiseido, Dior, Chanel

Golf: Dunlop, TaylorMade, Adidas, Nike, Ben Hogan, Etonics, Wei Mickelson, MacGregor, Callaway, the ping

glasses: Prada, Oakley, Pearl Edith? Reber, Donna? Karen, Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander Downer? Karan, Louis? Wei Gordon, nasal spray Nair, Dior, Cartier

pen Brand: Parker, Montblanc, Will? Yongfeng, Waterman, Cartier, Sheaffer (sheaffer), Earth brand, Aurora, Gros, Montegrappa

shoes Brand: Fendi, Gucci, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Feilagemu, nasal spray Nair, Prada, Di Aili? love Mashi, Dupont, the Dunhill

wines: to make vodka, Hennessy, Johnny Walker, Chivas Regal, Ming Yue nasal spray Penang, Remy Martin, Martell, Bacardi was home whiskey, honor the best the whiskey

cigar brands: high Spartak, Apollo, Davidoff, Yves Saint Laurent, Dannemann, Ottawa Man, elegance, Meng Tanni, punch, one hundred get Christie

top Smoking: Zig-Zag, GIZEH, Colibri, Dunhill, STANWELL, VAUEN, Mastro de Paja, Peter Matzhold, Savinelli, Chacom

lighter brands: Givenchy, Cartier Asia, Dupont, BAK, of IMCO, ZIPPO, Dunhill, Parker, Colibri, Flamidor

perfume: nasal spray Nair, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Dior Eliza Black? Arden, David? Davidoff, Guerlain, Rove Lauren

sanitary ware brand: high domain, Grohe, Roca, American Standard, Toto, Ina, Kaldewei and into the bathroom, Kohler, the Hansgrohe

yacht: Riva, WALLY, Sunseeker, Beneteau, Bertram, princess, FEADSHIP, Larson, Ferretti, PERSHING

private aircraft brand: the Raytheon , the Cessna, the Learjet, the Beechcraft, Hawker, Gulf Stream, Falcon, Swift, Grumman, Thunderbird,

luxury stores:

of Barneys Barnes boutique department stores (New York, USA)
<br Marcus department store flagship store (Dallas)

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry store, Bergdorf Goodman wave Astoria? Goodman department store in New York (USA)

Neiman Marcus, Neiman? (U.S. Flo Rida state of Bal Harbour)

Harvey Nichols, Harvey Nichols fashion department stores (London, England)

Kaviar And the Kind Jewelry Store (Los Angeles, USA)

, Rene Caovilla shoe store (Milan, Italy), Printemps in Paris Spring Department Store (Paris, France)

Prada, Prada flagship store in Tokyo, Japan

Joyce, department stores (nasal spray in Hong Kong)

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