and then along with the financial crisis

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and then along with the financial crisis

Postby 3m2d6k8l1c » Tue Feb 14, 2012 2:07 am

In fact, if it in a rational state of mind to deal with the current graduate unemployment may have been at the edge.
the employment of university graduates is really hard to do?
candidates from a variety of jobs at the number of jobs provided by the employer and the number of comparison, the Graduate Employment indeed difficult, but the former is a real data, the latter case? jobs at a pitiful job that we do on the needs of students in this community is really saturated yet? not! nonsense that: post insufficient number of students to reflect only the number of jobs expected by the lack of demand for community college students is not enough.
from higher education, the proportion of the total population, the United States up to 35%, Japan 23 %, China is only about 5% even if China is a large agricultural country taking into account this factor, the total population of about 60% of the rural population removed, the number of Chinese higher education, the proportion of total urban population is only about 12%. such a low only show the ratio of: the current job market in China is still a potential students but also the over-supply.
but an objective fact is: November 2008 survey, nearly 60% of the students choose Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou as the employment of the city, and even come to be known as the employment of winter now, the latest survey results show there were still 33% and 26% of the students hope to find work in Shanghai and Beijing. On the one hand, hundreds of thousands or even millions of students concentrated in a few dozen big cities job; the other hand, students also makes the intent of this job the students who need small city can devote human and financial resources to participate in job fairs to provide jobs for college students in this situation, employment of university graduates is not difficult to be strange!
However, another objective fact is: 2008 survey of Chinese college students job status, job expectations of college students in 4000-6000 yuan monthly salary accounted for 32.2% expected in 2000 to 4,000 yuan accounted for 48.6%; in 2006 in Shenzhen and Beijing, Shenzhen, the average monthly wage of workers is only 2551 yuan, respectively, and was 3008 yuan. job seekers expectations unrealistically high salary does not cause the employer can not retreat. And with such high expectations to the job, and then along with the financial crisis, the employment of university graduates is not difficult to be strange!
Some people may say, is not a lot of college students would rather accept the , does not avoid the fact that nonsense, but if the offer provided that in the Graduates in the Job, but gone in today's popular large cities in China, those popular employers to see the eyes of college students has undergone very profound changes; go down to these places to get into, to put it bluntly some of that is a little behind the times. been abandoned by society.
year after year of college enrollment has led to an elite college is no longer only have a certain knowledge of a group of ordinary workers. This does not mean enrollment was a mistake; the contrary, it only shows that the social advances in knowledge and skills of workers put forward higher requirements. Since the students only have a certain knowledge of a group of ordinary workers, then, to go from the most basic medium and small cities, the minimum wage to start, step by step in this competitive society to start their own entrepreneurial path, is the ultimate way to break the fundamental problem of employment.
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