Coach Purses September was Anshitsu the world . CO

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Coach Purses September was Anshitsu the world . CO

Postby jacky8554 » Sun Feb 12, 2012 1:05 pm


Also, this blog will briefly explain part of the general merchandise publication style, so stay tuned ~ ~

on the 5th and the 20th so this issue in August did not release, barely can be classified in the September-_-| | |

Publications Profile: mainly sweet, cute, fresh and natural style

May 25, 1971, founded the relatively long history, there are many popular models through the magazine into other types of artist.

PINKY : Sweetheart girls pink fashion pink fever fans love like a spring, the beautiful and colorful but clean and pleasant, this is the the pursuit of fashionable people in Asia. show the Japanese and Asian women's fashion.

Fine style popular style & surfing recreational sports, young ethnic cultures, to the endless sea and blue sky, the impression that the most enthusiastic and happy vitality intelligence available to readers.

the Description: Founded in 1996 girls popular blog Cawaii title is from the same pronunciation in Japanese
publications Description: From a few years ago is already show huge popular forces and R & B / HIP HOP, etc. CLUB culture the missing link. personalized taste glory, to show the sexy style, a little street hip-hop fashion based, as the magazine name GLAMOROUS, filled with gorgeous and splendid style.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm dividing line mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

the CanCam Cover: Lao original Friends of

publications Description: OL faction bright, casual and dignified Murraya, Sugawara sand tree

, publications Description: sweet leisure to send a sweet girl next door, leisure and fashion dress

Style Cover: Bamboo Ling Nai About

publication: OL casual Japanese OL perfect casual dress

Domani professional women in the workplace also can work independently, be able to fully enjoy their own life, undercover software, to be able to show their strength and taste in appearance and dress of women fashion magazine, is no longer simply the provision of knowledge of popular and wearing, but through the rendering of the image type, to show the quality of the clothing texture, fusion of the ideal and the practical popular, life, beauty, current events, food, tourism estates, including those living with enjoy, enrich the appearance and inner 30-year-old female, so that life becomes more rich and interesting.

Ray Cover: the Ge the Gang Pitt

publications Introduction: mature Ginza sent. orthodox line of the eldest. Japanese original of the Chinese magazine deep intellectual and feminine MISS,

, Cover: About Rina

publication: brand-name women's clothing, gentle professional leisure installed.

: Aizawa yarn World

, publications Profile: elegant to send women style, CLASSY mean advanced, elegant taste, the initial set is the mature version of the magazine young girls another popular reference once with public, less the student readers. style positioned as a sister version of of style

Working Girl to create the perfect female fashion is full of lucky and happy atmosphere is the biggest goal of this magazine.

the Grazia

Publications Profile: real 35-year-old female talent into the Love period! designed for mature women fashion magazine, each issue a different theme introduced, including a fashion boutique latest masterpiece rapid life woman thematic interviews, teach you how ready shape with fashionable clothing to commute to work, complete the most practical monthly recurring outfit the law to tell you the ultra popular clothing accessories and name brand makeup boutique trial intelligence and commodity recommended h to identify the most confident, fashionable women of different skin the style and color of a woman to truly understand women

often to their own busy lives, so how to make their quality of life more comfortable and live his life more comfortable, these are modern women who are pursuing the busy
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