it ruined the place CHI flat iron

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it ruined the place CHI flat iron

Postby chouq662 » Mon Feb 06, 2012 5:52 am

since even a convenient place did not, so we will be in the fireplace, door, walls and balconies open defecation. Palace in the corridor of each stone head on the steps of the grand welcome everywhere urine. In 1578, Henry III can not stand, he ordered up before the palace scrub clean. In 1606,CHI flat iron, Henry IV Palace in Saint-Germain had ordered a ban on all live uncivilized behavior, but on the day of the ban,CHI hair straightener, because of the small Prince directed at the walls of his room to pee caught one behind. To address the Versailles of Louis XIV, the Louvre and Fontainebleau Palace is full of urine problem, and only use a method that is alternately move. Once a month to move home, it ruined the place, the cleaning another.
1270 in Paris, a law states: But people obviously do not like Paris comply with this Act. Therefore, a century later by a new law: add dirty. In addition, meat traders and butchers slaughter livestock also carry out street and Ripper.
This situation continued for thousands of years time.
low level of medical ignorance
because the Church monopolized the medical industry, not only the ancient Greek and Roman period,CHI straighteners, some of the valuable legacy of abandoned, and does not allow the new theory, or they will be punished as heretics. As future generations are familiar with, when the Europeans in the treatment, the usual way is bleeding, vomiting and other means. These behind the treatment, often resulting in a more adverse impact.
medieval European health situation is extremely bad. Then not only do not people take a bath, in public health is also very backward. At that time the Christian Church that is sacred to wash the body, so on from the nobility down to the civilian population, are not bathing habits.
16 century, doctors believe that water will weaken the organ function, and human exposure to harmful air, if the water to seep into the pores of contagious diseases. Then spread a layer of dirt and even resistant to the disease attacks the argument. Therefore, personal hygiene can only take
17 century, the article recommended that children face and eyes with a clean white cloth. Because clean water bad for the eyes, can cause dental and cold, so pale, but also more sensitive to hot and cold weather, according to the French investigation of raloxifene George Vega, Europe's high society in personal hygiene also refused water. In the reign of Louis XIV, clean lady love is also only wash twice a year. And Louis XIV himself under the guidance of a doctor should be careful to shower.
handed down from ancient Roman times all the people take a bath in public bathroom glory gone, but the body is seen as dirty closer to God. St. Abraham does not wash for 50 years, not feet. San Simeon any worms in his festering wound on the arch moving, but never cleaned, St. into a particular brush Australasian convent, which has more than 130 nuns, they never take a bath, a year in the medieval monastery restricted Xu Xiushi washed 2 second bath, in the famous monastery of Kelan Ni in a total of only three towels. Shengbonuwa convent hospital regulatory requirements, even if the patient's condition requires bathing, review the procedures are very strict, especially for the physically strong and Does not take a bath has become a symbol of holiness. People will not hesitate to those who have enough courage to people who do not bathe canonized as saints, the mother of Henry IV, life is not taking a bath, was canonized as a saint A Niesi.

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