so that my heart is no longer wandering

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so that my heart is no longer wandering

Postby fx4mte5g4b » Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:35 am

Put my hand in your palm , your warmth passed to me . Before the road is long , Guanshan thousand , a lonely road , a landscape Qileng , do not let me alone on the road , would you please accompany me through this way , even if the road ahead still dangerous , your gaze is that the warm lights ; even if tomorrow there is still wind and rain , your care is the heart of the sun bright there you have the landscape from afar ; have your heart, only the most touching the sounds of nature .
put my hand in your palm , so I feel your breath in this cold night , autumn wind blows, fallen flowers , think of some of the sad words , sad memories of some of the scenes , love, can not carrying of heavy , life can not bear the light and agile, all reduced to the name of your many years in the past , only large forest and then suddenly realize I only need a tree ; and then the mighty ocean, I desire , is only poured . put my hand in your palm , so that my heart is no longer wandering , let me dream a beautiful Hong Ying . put my hand in your palm , your love will always stay in life . silence , flower flying flower , the color change of the seasons , not the old eternal affection . to see a tree grow old slowly , watching a cloud gradually Piaoyuan inadvertently looking back , you have time of my forehead traces strands of black hair and his head has been turned into silver . only that the eyes , still able to shine out of each other's appearance . put my hand in your palm , put my whole to you, until thousands of years later, our two trees Dance
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