brand value is low

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brand value is low

Postby x2m3f95g0h » Wed Feb 01, 2012 9:45 pm

Man / Lo Yu
9 consecutive days of the Shanghai auto show will be ended yesterday, according to official data show, this show attracted 25 countries and regions, more than 1,500 exhibitors, 170,000 square meters exhibition scale; more than 600,000 More than 7200 people in the audience and the foreign media correspondents; April 25 record single-day audience of more than 136,000 people received the records.
general downturn in the global automobile market in the context of the Shanghai Auto Show with a series of hot data to the car industry into a tonic.
this year's Shanghai Auto Show, Tokyo Motor Show earlier this year and the Detroit auto show in stark contrast, both the exhibition area, number of exhibitors, the number of participating models, have a record high, Coincidentally, both veterans of many multinational companies to curry favor with Chinese consumers mm Shanghai Auto Show is the top show.
the Shanghai Auto Show back in the Chinese automobile market, it is known as the world's most important auto market this year to , China's auto market experienced a decline last year after a strong rebound in the beginning, record, record and other terms frequently appear, while Europe and other developed countries fell sharply, the Chinese suddenly become the world's first power of automotive sales .
However, whether China's automobile market has enough clout, claiming first in the world? The answer is no.
China Automobile Industry Association recently released a set of economic data in the automotive industry, to immersed in the joy of harvest China's auto industry poured poured cold water data show that 1 to 2 months of this year, China's auto industry realized profits of 9.08 billion yuan, down 51.6%, 19 key enterprise groups as much as 59% profit decline, down 6.6 billion element which, SAIC, Dongfeng, Chery, Guangzhou Automobile and other enterprises by 38% year on year negative growth of 54%, FAW, Southern Motors, Hafei, heavy truck and Yutong negative growth of 65% to 95%, only Qingling, BYD, Geely and Beiqi experienced growth year on year profits.
According to late April, National Bureau of Statistics China Economic Monitoring Center released the first of this year, , the automotive industry climate index, industry early warning indicators, warning lights and indicators can not be optimistic.
which, in the first quarter, the main income of the automotive industry (ie, product sales revenue), total profit of the automotive industry, automotive industry, investment in fixed assets, employees in the automotive industry, automotive industry, five indicators of total tax revenue boom of the fourth quarter of 2008 decline.
and to reflect the auto industry is running hot and cold in which the degree of the auto industry early warning indicators, and not because Automotive production and sales and return to the first quarter of the rise In 2009, the automotive industry to the early warning index has fallen 83.3, compared with the first quarter of 2008 fell 26.7, compared with the fourth quarter of 2008 fell by 3.4 in the early warning signals, the vehicle output , the total auto industry profits, revenue from the automotive industry has entered the main quarter decline, falling profits, which had to reflect that the car industry.
I believe that the first quarter of this year, so-called a sharp rise in the amount of vehicle sales, while sales of large displacement high-class cars are the collective downward trend, the current displacement of 1.6 liters and below the domestic passenger car market share of 70.72% while the overall industry, now many domestic auto giants are still difficult to digest inventory stage, if the data used to illustrate the automobile market in the first quarter has been warmer still too optimistic. cycling, low profits, brand value is low, the Chinese auto industry's doing it, the car industry is still confused .
According to Sohu corporate CEOs of 60 vehicles to investigate, the majority of CEOs chosen car prices auto market this year the growth rate of 6% to 9% in a more moderate and conservative answers from the Shanghai Auto Show mainstream car prices enthusiasm of the exhibitors and exhibitors point of view the size of the second half of the domestic automobile market can be optimistic expectations.
However, collective advocacy, when the world's first Chinese automobile market, car industry should clearly understand this point: 9 being
Disclaimer: This article is published for the exclusive supply of Sohu car original article, Sohu car all copyright, without permission, are not allowed to compile the latest exclusive use
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