to obtain the principal's approval. next semester

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to obtain the principal's approval. next semester

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skip a grade, and lack of homework to eleven filled it?

News Summary: This column reported on 29 November last year, one after another - skip a grade, and lack of homework to eleven filled it?
Families with children, follow-up report

today Lucheng District primary days of final exams, primary school students Xukai Cheng south early in the morning into the second year of the examination room. This is his primary school last year with two students play together, and on Friday, my mother helped him to submit to the school jumping class applications, to obtain the principal's approval. next semester, he went to third grade regular class, which also indicates that he will be nearly 50 years since primary school south of the first to be allowed to skip a grade children.

Xukai Cheng, first grade, he read the The step by step or skip a grade? If the school assess the child's mental and physical development is not too bad, you should skip a grade. 2008 users starry night listen to the rain that is best for him to complete primary school and then consider the skip, like a child and play with the children the same age, childhood is very short, to take cherish the discussion, post, support the child skip a grade of users accounted for 57%, accounted for 17 percent against, while 26% of users believe that children should respect the personal views.

the end of November last year, the school is located given a one-month observation period, to give a more scientific evaluation in the month before the end of the observation period, the school organized specifically for Xu Kaicheng skip a test, according to teachers to reflect, in English vol difficult, Xu Kaicheng major loss of points point in written format. language teachers believe that a volume, from the papers to see the child's reading comprehension, and third grade children than good, there are gaps in the comprehensive views of teachers from other disciplines and test results, the gold South Primary School Xiang believes that the child's memory, logical thinking and mathematical ability than their peers stronger general, from his understanding of the knowledge and skills of view, with the ability to skip a grade. Although the accumulation of the language is not too much, but can be slow to keep up with her new class .

their children how to think in the end? open and has told her that he wanted to skip a grade, because that can learn more knowledge. some time ago, he hurried her mother to buy the next volume of the second grade and third-grade subjects read the material at home. open and her mother Ms. Xu said, they want their children to skip a grade, not to develop a genius, but worried that some subjects do not concentrate on the children understand about the lectures, but affect the learning habit.
before the child skip a grade, or lack of courses should be made hard tack, feed the children in advance? Ryan Anyang Experimental Primary School, Zhejiang Province Inspector Chen Qian Lin, his young son, the current class in USTC second grade, school junior who has three skip Chen Qian Lin stressed, skip a grade, parents should pay more attention to the child's mental state, let the children to dance class as a learning challenge rather than the proud capital. skip a grade, parents can teaching children to skip slightly understand, but not necessarily as interest Natsuko

Wenzhou City News 2011-01-17

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