short-term study

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short-term study

Postby x5m3e15g7h » Tue Jan 31, 2012 1:48 am

Confucius What the teacher?
Ding Kai array
tomorrow is the it?
read some books, the Internet search for a moment, do not make me happy to see the answer. had become self-reliant, collecting information, looking for the answer.
Zi Gong asked the doctor Gongsun toward Confucius whom learning (teacher fixed it? the teacher. The reason for this, in addition to young age because his father died young Confucius poor family does not worshiped the teacher, there may be, not to mention Confucius, Confucian children interested in what the teachers who, in order to portray Confucius turned out of the people. a child to learn a variety of I do not know Confucius is a learning to meet people, and do a ; words; be sure, he is also in order to obtain a knowledge can studied Confucius probably just not officially, thanks to a long-term artificial division, a systematic study, however, private-sook worthies, short-term study, to learn from others on a particular skill that sort of thing, Confucius has done a lot. In other words, the study of Confucius on the road, may never have had a narrow teachers, but there is definitely a generalized teacher had mm in fact, there are a lot of bits. Now, I will briefly introduce Category:
music teacher. Confucius love learning music, including instrumental and vocal music. incredibly, the court immediately thanks to Qi musicians as a teacher, learning to play, to. Unfortunately, the teaching of Confucius playing child in the court orchestra is a professional hit chime in, but he is also very good at Fuqin Confucius once told him to study for some time Fuqin, until the song with people one to sing, if you think that other people sing well, it will give people the quartet, he learned later, talk to people singing. Unfortunately, these Confucius taught vocal music teacher, did not leave his name. Confucius taught music , there is a Minister Zhou Chang Hong. said he learned nothing fame, Confucius said that he mastered driving techniques. Confucius also said that he was young, as inferior, so learn a lot of fluff. reasonable to imagine that Confucius to learn these skills, teachers should have .
man, thinking of the teacher. Ping Chung; in Chu Lai old son; in Zheng, Zi; in Lu, Meng Gongchuo. the number of said Zang Wenzhong, Liu Xiahui, copper, leather shoes Bo Hua-Shan sub-natural. Confucius, after all, is not and the world.
The so-called Confucius was once made a face to face coaching for teachers. parting occasion, also sent in earnest following a few words of Confucius: Fat people are also evil. man not to have been the child who, for the ministers who have not had to. the. > In addition, the Song Editor of the ; three-pronged Confucius,
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