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paul smith shoes Uni Watch

Postby bretiling3o8 » Mon Jan 30, 2012 2:06 pm

At longtime readers may recall, three years ago I attended the “Super Flush” event, in which a select group of Mets fans got to test the toilets for the team’s new stadium. Each of us was given a Super Flush T-shirt, but the tees were all XL, so I put mine up for sale on eBay, where it sold for, I believe,paul smith shoes, $49.
Last Tuesday night I had an odd reunion of sorts with that T-shirt, because Brad Francis — the eBay bidder who bought it from me back in 2009 — wore it to the Uni Watch party in Cleveland (for all of these photos,Paul Smith Men’s Spectacles Butler Spectacles - Paul Smith UK, you can click to see a larger version):

Kind of surreal. Brad, who drove three and a half hours to attend the party (and who was wearing the Super Flush tee underneath a Penguins jersey), was part of a small but enthusiastic group that gathered together at Prosperity last Tuesday. And he wasn’t the only one who drove a long way to get there — also on hand was Doug Keklak, who came in from the Steel City and wore this bitchin’ Pittsburgh Condors T-shirt and a Pittsburg State cap:

Kek was accompanied by fellow Yinzer Ryan Connelly, who wore an Indians jersey (when in Rome, right?) and an Invaders cap of his own design, both of which looked swell as he and I engaged in a bit of arcade bowling:

Yes, I did a really shitty job of fixing the red-eye factor in those pics, but whaddaya gonna do.
Here’s Matt Soja, who wore a simple but very nice Browns windbreaker:

Slightly bolder, but still with that sense of elemental simplicity, was Rodney Gallaway and his Cavs T-shirt, which he said was from roughly 1985:

Next up: Mr. “5 +1″ and “I’d Wear That” himself, Jim Vilk, who looked sharp in his Baltimore Blast tee and official Uni Watch stirrups (although I don’t know about those red sannies):

I’m not sure how this happened, but I somehow neglected to take any pics of my good friend and former intern Vince Grzegorek (sorry, buddy — serious blunder on my part). I did, however, get a shot of his friend Aaron Sechrist, who works with Vince at Scene, Cleveland’s alt-weekly paper:
I’ve saved the best for last. The two guys you see below are Chris Tletski (in the Avangard Omsk Russian hockey jersey) and Gene Biros (in the plain gray pullover):

Why were Chris and Gene the best? Because they both brought a stash of jerseys for show-and-tell. As the evening unfolded, it was almost like a game of “I’ll see ya and raise ya,Sunglasses and Fashion!,” as the two of them kept trying to top each other by pulling new jerseys out of their respective goodie bags while the rest of us oohed and ahhed:

Those last three photos show the Browns’ short-lived orange-numbered brown jersey (which was only worn during the 1984 preseason, after which the numbers were changed to white, because the orange numbers were too hard to read from the stands and the pressbox) and its white counterpart (which, to my knowledge, was never worn on the field, even during the preseason). Very nice bits of Cleveland uni esoterica right there.
As always, my thanks to everyone who attended — it’s always a privilege to meet the Uni Watch readership. Hope you all had as much fun as I did. Meanwhile, I had another blog-worthy experience while I was in Cleveland — one that I’ll be describing in detail shortly (maybe as soon as tomorrow).
+ + + + +
Collector’s Corner
By Brinke Guthrie
At Paul’s suggestion, I’m taking a detour from eBay this week take a look at the sports-related offerings on Etsy. Unlike eBay, Etsy doesn’t do auctions — the seller just picks a set price [and you can sometimes dicker — PL]. Note: If you’re using the site’s search function to search on “baseball,” or whatever, be sure to use the drop-down menu to specify that you’re searching on “Vintage.”
Okay, here’s a good sampling of what I found:
• Nice Mariners Starter jacket. What’s the era for that M’s logo?
• Fantastic logos on this 1970s NHL pillowcase.
• Never seen one of these before! A gray Champion sweatshirt with the old MLB Diamond Collection logo. I’d buy this in a second if it fit me.
• Here’s a complete set of AFC West beer mugs! Or maybe just get the entire league.
• Here’s a weird one: MLB concrete baseballs (or basketballs, your pick).
• We’ve got a 1970s Steve Bartkowski NFLPA T-shirt, brought to you by Coca-Cola.
• Classic-looking 1960s 49ers bobblehead. These Packers
and Bears guys are in super shape, too.
These 1970s Seattle Seahawks suspenders will hold things up rather nicely.
• Love the traditional look to this 1980s Cleveland Browns T-shirt from Champion. Pair it with this Russell Athletic hoodie!
Seen something on eBay or Etsy (or anywhere else) that you think would make good Collector’s Corner fodder? Send your submissions here.
+ + + + +
Designer label clothing — literally: As longtime readers are aware, I’m a big fan of vintage clothing labels. It recently occurred to me that these old clothing tags could form the basis for a good line of T-shirts, so I’ve taken the most sports-centric ones in my collection and done just that. Here’s what I’ve set up so far:
• Ruby’s: The late, lamented sporting goods king of Rochester, where Terry Proctor used to work. Awesome label design.
• Puckmaster: Even if you’re not a hockey fan, you have to love this one.
• Fenton’s: I don’t know much about this shop, but I really like that script logo.
• Pace-Setter: Not often that you see thoroughbred racing depicted on a clothing label. This one might look better on a black tee, which you can choose as one of the many options that Zazzle offers.
• Exec-U-Line: This one isn’t sports-related — I just like the label design and thought it’d make a good T-shirt.
In case you want to revisit these later on, they’re all available in the Uni Watch shop on Zazzle. I hope to be adding more label designs soon — stay tuned.
+ + + + +
Uni Watch News Ticker: Major news on the stirrups front as Josh Outman has been traded, which means nobody will be wearing the A’s yellow sannies this year. … Jacksonville QB Blaine Gabbert has seen next season’s Jags uniforms and he likes them. Now, keep in mind that Jags equipment manager Drew Hampton has already stated that the team’s 2012 uniform won’t have any design changes, so I’m not sure what Gabbert means by “new uni’s” [sic], aside from “I’m spreading the Nike gospel cuz that’s what they want me to do” (from Patrick Sokolowski). … For years people have been sending me the photo of these two WVU players. I suspect that will now be supplanted by this Ole Miss hoops shot. … A recruit visiting Mississippi State tweeted this uniform image. “Chest logo and pant logo are the same one on the ‘Battle for the Golden Egg 2011′ unis,” notes Alec Romanoff. “Probably just a mock-up. No rumors on new unis, but also no changes in three years.” … In a vaguely related item, a Pitt football player has tweeted a photo of a gold jersey. Not clear if it’s slated for on-field use (from J. Sebastian Smelko). … Here’s a look at someone’s extensive sports patch collection. Good stuff. … Northwestern hoops wore black at home on Saturday (from Bob Morgan). … Crystal Palace is letting season ticket holders vote on the team’s new crest (from Scott Schroder). … Matt Holt recented visited the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame, where he saw this old N.C. State letterman sweater and a Jim Valvano warm-up suit. … Not sure how I’ve never seen this shot of the Giants’ 1986 linebackers dressed as Superman. Or would that be Supermen? Either way, Andy Headen gets docked a few points for not wearing blue socks (great find by Josh Neisler). … James Laky notes that several Giants players, including FB Henry Hinosky, had two snap clips on their lower chinstrap. I’ve asked Joe Skiba for more info on this. … “In case you forgot that Novak Djokovic won the Australian Open, Wimbledon,Paul Smith Shoes - Paul Smith Trainers - Paul Smith Mens Shoes, and the U.S. Open in 2011, he’s reminding you on his shoes,” says Brinke. “Never seen different Slam icons on the same shoe before.” … Also from Brinke: a site about logos that I hadn’t seen before. … Here’s a video clip about the Pistons’ newly remodeled locker room (from Nick Phillips). … When the Dodgers won the N.L. pennant in 1966, they received team-branded Rolex watches instead of rings. The one in those photos belonged to pitcher Jim Brewer (from Paul Hirsch). … “The Dartmouth women’s hockey team played Providence at Fenway Park last weekend,” says Tris Wykes. “Walking out to the ice, some players wore traditional skate guards and some simply wrapped old hockey socks around their skates and blades.” … Marquette and Louisville went color-on-color yesterday (from Will McGillis). … Douochebaggery alert: Missouri hoops coach Frank Haith was wearing a swoosh lapel pin yesterday (from Riley Danford). … Dig this: A company called Perfect Compass had a baseball team, and look at their chest logo. Scroll down for a close-up. … A new inaugural-season stadium logo for the Marlins is floating around. Not sure yet if it’s legit. No sign of it in the MLB Style Guide, although that doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t the real deal. … Tyler Kepner pointed me toward this video of John Lennon wearing an Easton High School baseball jersey on The Mike Douglas Show. Ebbets Field Flannels even sells a repro of the jersey! “I don’t know why he would have worn an Easton jersey,” says Tyler. “Maybe because the show was filmed in Philadelphia, it was lying around, or someone asked him. But as a Beatles fan and a baseball nut, I’d love to hear the story behind it.” Anyone know more? … Justin Forres found this rather amusing Lightning sweater at a Goodwill shop. … With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we could all do a lot worse than to receive this on Feb. 14. … This is sort of funny but also sort of fascinating: David Lipscomb University is lettering fans vote on whether they should change the school’s team name from “Bisons” to “Bison.” No word on whether the Maple Leafs are pondering a change to Maple Leaves (from Lee David Wilds). … New 60th-anniversary patch for the Billings Mustangs (from Alan Poff). … The Rangers are awarding a beat-up fedora as an in-house postgame award (from Mike McLaughlin).
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