Way leading to freedom of expression

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Way leading to freedom of expression

Postby xxmoncler » Mon Nov 21, 2011 3:22 am

The way leading to freedom of expression, every step of the victims and scattering the sweat and blood. Modern China every small progress they have condensed the ideal from Hu, Fu, Luo Longji, Chu Anping Wang made when the directly suck the milk of Western civilization, a new generation of intellectuals, their shortcomings have more to China's clear understanding, regardless of their last stay in the mainland, or to the United States, Taiwan, China feelings they are consistent, they try * ** out of the shadow of authoritarian tradition is the same. For them, freedom of speech is a natural rights, is born 1929, Hu Shi, Luo Longji in the movement, they did not trace the timid. when the king made in terms of writing How to face the pressure of persecution, threats, he did not yield, they have a doctorate, knowledge and insight into the trend of human civilization, who, in their minds, speak to duty, to criticize the Government is the norm. officer have little temptation, Wang made when Chiang Kai-shek refused to draw a few times, Luo Longji ministers have rejected the KMT, Hu lifetime opportunity for many politicians, including Minister of Education to do, Premier, etc., are all that he declined, and willing when the war when the ambassador, university president.
have such knowledge, they have enough clout, magnanimous hit the face of all tribulations. Chu Anping do , In December, the independent judgments, independent criticism of intellectuals standing outside the group power, not dependent, not flatter, not only the right is from, is a necessary prerequisite for freedom of expression for thousands of years we are impossible to escape the rise and fall of dynasties, the cycle of the rate ; truth is, who mastered the unlimited power, while on the emperor, who is the He still is the The so-called , the scholars Haoshouqiongjing, stereotyped textual stack of paper, all this is the Son of Heaven Church in order to board one day, as an effect of a surname of the dynasty, which the family line and enjoy the wealth and status, ; of the ruling order, the imperial power, all of the ancestors of the law does not allow doubt. medieval night, far more than a thousand years, passage of time, almost no one on the imperial power of the hereditary system, the distortion of the Confucian doctrine into question. scholars take the examination in addition to the Road, the road seclusion, no other way to go.
civilization stagnating, stagnant social, cultural lethargy, do not allow any different ideas, this situation continued for thousands of years, which is rare in world history In this environment, not the growth factor of modern civilization, if not contemporary with the great powers, China opened the door to shelling, closure of the heavenly kingdom also think that they will always be the center of the world it is well known that eyes see the world's first Chinese were the first surprise in the West, gunboats, and then begin to see the debut of its own intellectual deficiencies in the system, the gap between civilizations, whether it is missionary, or an earlier study in Japan, Western intellectuals gave this ancient agricultural civilization brought new ideas, value new generation of intellectuals in the late 19th century of rapid social change gradually grow up. Liang said that 15 years after the Hundred Days Reform changed greatly over the past 150 years this point was still more conservative.
not out of the traditional Hong rebellion, take the old world in Kang who, although we can see the traditional inherited, but the change has already begun. Sun Yat-sen's efforts for the creation of republican, enough to make his name go down in history . Song, Cai shine in the dark moments of brilliance in the history if we want to rewrite modern Chinese history, no longer according to not the main political figures, although the Hundred Days Reform, Constitutional Movement, Revolution, these are the warlord or write, but for those who truly promote social transformation of people, things and institutions shall, in particular in letters. Cai to ; inclusive, freedom of thought such as the Chang Tso-lin, Chiang Kai-shek and his ilk can not be considered the protagonist of history, Alliance, the Northern warlords, the KMT's activities hh not taking too much space, the power to promote the progress of civilization is diverse. monistic view of history should be the time to come to an end. in modern Chinese history, a newspaper (the introduction of a new civilization, cultivate new generations of intellectuals, is China's freedom of thought, academic freedom, freedom of speech of the citizenry. founder of the cause of these intellectuals, standing outside powers, and those in power distance, independent of creating a new history situation of its spiritual value and practical significance are never forgotten, and I thought, to say out of the century, New World, Washington, after eight years hard work, finally won the freedom for the piece of land after Wang gown sternly refused to increase the body's call, DDR, which is a kind of culture? These are the kind of person? occurred in the New World story to the world fresh and new. cf our ancient oriental continent, a time of regime change have not touched the imperial power itself. Once the bottom of the farmers rebellion succeeded, the imperial throne, as is life or death, dictates to the world of all things common people for his private things in the bag From the emperor Liu Bang to even count the failure of Li Zicheng, Chang Hsien-chung, Hong and the like, are cast out of a mold. not one, any person when the emperor, are not to meddle in others, only the Minister shouted Baize for the Bandits, as was the king, or the murder and arson by the amnesty. In short, no new tricks, new model. everything is recycled, all cycle, from the mighty Emperor Xuantong to pee on the Throne, have not changed.
1912 years is a dazzling modern history of the year, down monarchy, republic rolled together, under the bed out of the old officer became fathers, vice president, large and small, old bureaucratic transformed, and Restoration Washington For thousands of years to seize power that refuses to let go of one's habits, if used according to the Chinese people's psychology, Sun can not let the President, no matter what should be played with a Yuan, fight the world, as Huang Xing hand heavily , but will not resign, with its prestige, appeal, you can get into the Central Plains, southern separatist rich can fall back to the land, so no matter how many mistakes, no matter what sorry, Sun, yellow two are absolutely higher than the others also. Although they lack personality style compared with Washington, is enough to light the entire history of China in after them, from the Yuan to the Chiang Kai-shek to Mao Zedong hh, a Chinese history is really deteriorating, painful.
20 century Chinese made ...
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